Rodney D. Wiersma, Ph.D.

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Research Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology
Director of Physics Research, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Associate Director of the Medical Physics Graduate Programs, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Radiobiology and Imaging Member, Abramson Cancer Center (ACC)
Department: Radiation Oncology
Graduate Group Affiliations

Contact information
3620 Hamilton Walk
John Morgan Building - Room 183
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-898-0270
B.S. (Physics)
University of Alberta, Canada, 1999.
M.S. (Physics)
Simon Fraser University, Canada, 2002.
PhD (Physics)
Max Planck Institute, Germany, 2006.
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Selected Publications

Van Slyke AL, El Khatib M, Velalopoulou A, Diffenderfer E, Shoniyozov K, Kim MM, Karagounis IV, Busch TM, Vinogradov SA, Koch CJ, Wiersma RD.: Oxygen Monitoring in Model Solutions and In Vivo in Mice During Proton Irradiation at Conventional and FLASH Dose Rates. Radiat Res 198: 181-189, Aug 2022.

El Khatib M, Van Slyke AL, Velalopoulou A, Kim MM, Shoniyozov K, Allu SR, Diffenderfer EE, Busch TM, Wiersma RD, Koch CJ, Vinogradov SA.: Ultrafast Tracking of Oxygen Dynamics During Proton FLASH. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 113: 624-634, Jul 2022.

Liu X, Van Slyke AL, Pearson E, Shoniyozov K, Redler G, Wiersma RD.: Improving the efficiency of small animal 3D-printed compensator IMRT with beamlet intensity total variation regularization. Med Phys 2022.

J Ryser, R Wiersma, S Avery, X Liu, A Kassaee: Developing a 3D-Printed Phantom for Daily Proton QA of Two Energies (poster). AAPM Annual Meeting 2022.

D Holloman, A Sakaamini, X Liu, S Yoon, T Li, R Wiersma: Dosimetric Accuracy of 6DoF Robotics for SRS Motion Management. AAPM Annual Meeting 2022.

A Sakaamini, X Liu, R Wiersma: A Portable Real-Time Image-Guided 6DoF Robotic Positioning System for Canine FLASH Trials. AAPM Annual Meeting 2022.

Redler, Gage; Pearson, Erik; Liu, Xinmin; Gertsenshteyn, Inna; Epel, Boris; Pelizzari, Charles; Aydogan, Bulent; Weichselbaum, Ralph; Halpern, Howard J; Wiersma, Rodney D: Small Animal IMRT Using 3D-Printed Compensators. International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics Vol.110(2): p.551-565, Jun 2021.

Zou, Wei; Diffenderfer, Eric S; Cengel, Keith A; Kim, Michele M; Avery, Steve; Konzer, Joshua; Cai, Yongliang; Boisseu, Paul; Ota, Kan; Yin, Lingshu; Wiersma, Rodney; Carlson, David J; Fan, Yi; Busch, Theresa M; Koumenis, Costas; Lin, Alexander; Metz, James M; Teo, BoonKeng K; Dong, Lei: Current delivery limitations of proton PBS for FLASH Radiotherapy and oncology : journal of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology Vol.155: p.212-218, 2021.

Yin, Lingshu; Zou, Wei; Kim, Michele M.; Avery, Stephen M.; Wiersma, Rodney D.; Teo, Boon-Keng K.; Dong, Lei; Diffenderfer, Eric S: Evaluation of two-voltage and three-voltage linear methods for deriving ion recombination correction factors in proton FLASH irradiation. IEEE Transactions on Radiation and Plasma Medical Sciences 2021.

Zou, Wei; Diffenderfer, Eric S; Ota, Kan; Boisseau, Paul; Kim, Michele M; Cai, Yongliang; Avery, Stephen M; Carlson, David J; Wiersma, Rodney D; Lin, Alexander; Koumenis, Constantinos; Cengel, Keith A; Metz, James M; Dong, Lei; Teo, Boonkeng K: Characterization of a high‐resolution 2D transmission ion chamber for independent validation of proton pencil beam scanning of conventional and FLASH dose delivery. Medical Physics 2021.

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