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Denis H. Jablonka, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology and Critical Care
Department: Anesthesiology and Critical Care

Contact information
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine
34th Street & Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4399
Office: 267-426-8110
Fax: 215-590-1415
MD (Medicine)
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, School of Medicine, 1999.
Post-Graduate Training
Internship in House Staff, Metrowest Medical Center, Framingham, MA, 2000-2001.
Resident in Department of Anesthesiology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, 2001-2004.
Fellowship in Pediatric Anesthesiology, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, 2004-2005.
USMLE - Step I, 1997.
Clinical Skills Assessment(CSA), 1999.
USMLE - Step II, 1999.
USMLE - Step III, 2002.
American Board of Anesthesiology, 2005.
The American Board of Anesthesiology - Subspecialty Certification in Pediatric Anesthesiology, 2014.
The American Board of Anesthesiology - Maintenance of Certification in the Specialty of Anesthesiology, 2016.
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Description of Clinical Expertise

My field of expertise is the triage and management of children undergoing general anesthesia in the main operating room, ambulatory surgical facilities and non-operating room anesthesia locations throughout The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
I work closely with nurse practitioners who staff the Anesthesia Resource Center and help identify risks and help with the care coordination of complex patients and their respective procedures.
I join international medical missions regularly with our colleagues from Plastic Surgery and General Surgery inside and outside our institution.

Description of Research Expertise

I am a staff anesthesiology at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. My research interests focus on better understanding the risk of respiratory events during general anesthesia. My work involves testing new technologies that have potential to predict risk in small children and infants and design studies that enhance our knowledge of respiratory illnesses and their interaction with anesthetics.

Selected Publications

Denis H Jablonka, MD; Michael P Puglia II MD, Jorge A Galvez MD, Allan Simpao MD: Itching for an answer: should sugammadex be given for suspected vecuronium anaphylaxis? Meeting, Society for Pediatric Anesthesia, 2018 2018.

Yaport M, Simpao A, Tan J, Wasey J, Lingappan A, Ahumada L, Song B, Wu L, Jablonka D, Rehman M, Dubow S, Gálvez J.: STBUR: Sleep Trouble Breathing and Unrefreshed questionnaire: Evaluation of screening tool for post-anesthesia care and disposition. Meeting - Society for Pediatric Anesthesia, 2018, Phoenix, AZ 2018.

Denis H Jablonka, MD Ignacio Tapia, MD Lisa M Elden, MD Rajeev Subramanyam MBBS: Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Postoperative Respiratory Adverse Event. AASM Case Book of Sleep Medicine, Third Edition. Catherine Elliot (eds.). 2018.

Denis H Jablonka MD: Translation of the editor-in-chief monthly podcast. 2017.

Adler AC, Jablonka DH: Bedside Ultrasound: A Tool for Assessment of IV Functionality. Anesthesiology. American Anesthesiology Society, 124(4): 959, Apr 2016.

Jablonka DH, Gurnaney H, Hu P, Capuco A, Mackley JT, Wartman E, McBride E, England W, Goebel T: "Does exhaled nitric oxide predicts postoperative complications? A pilot study in pediatric adenotonsillectomy." Society for Pediatric Anesthesia Anual Meeting, Colorado Springs, CO 2016 Notes: Poster presentation.

Janik L, Jackson M, Galvez J, Litman R, Jablonka DH: "Malignant hyperthermia without metabolic acidosis." Society for Pediatric Anesthesia Annual meeting, Fort Lauderdale, FL 2014 Notes: Poster presentation.

Jablonka DH, Awad AA, Stout RG, Silverman DG, Shelley DH: Comparing the effect of vasopressin on the ear and finger photoplethysmograph. Journal of Clinical Anesthesia 20(2): 90-93, 2008.

Guesquiere M, Awad AA, Silverman DG, Stout DG, Jablonka DH, Silverman TJ, Shelley KH: Impact of withdrawal of 450 ml of blood on respiration: Induced oscillations of the ear plethysmographic waveform. Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing 21(5): 277-282, 2007.

Shelley KH, Jablonka DH, Awad AA, Stout RG, Rezkanna H, Silverman DG: Using pulse oximetry waveform analysis to guide fluid therapy: Are we there yet? Anesthesia and Analgesia 104 (6): 1607-1609, 2007.

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