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Rong Zhou, PhD

faculty photo
Research Professor of Radiology
Member, Institute of Regenerative Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Member, Institute of Translational Medicine and Therapeutics (ITMAT) , University of Pennsylvania
Full Member of the Abramson Cancer Center, ACC of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Radiology

Contact information
198 John Morgan Building
3620 Hamilton Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215)-746-8747
Fax: 215-573-2113
Lab: (215)-746-8752
Graduate Group Affiliations
BS (Biomedical Engineering)
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 1987.
PhD (Biophysics /Magnetic Resonance)
State University of New York at Buffalo, 1998.
Post-Graduate Training
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, 1998-2000.
Research Associate, University of Pennsylvania, 2000-2001.
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Description of Research Expertise

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and spectroscopy (MRS)
Developing imaging markers (MRI/S and PET) of metabolic signatures of cancer and heart failure.
Developing in vivo imaging markers for assessing therapeutic responses.
Stem cells and cardiac repair

Selected Publications

Cao J, Pickup S, Clendenin C, Blouw B, Choi H, Kang D, Rosen MA, O'Dwyer PJ and Zhou R* : Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI detects responses to stroma-directed therapy in mouse models of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Clinical Cancer Research 25(7):: 2314-2322, Dec 2018 Notes: * corresponding author.

Zhou R*, Bansal N, Leeper DB, Glickson JD : Intracellular acidification of human melanoma xenografts by respiratory inhibitor meta-iodobenzylguanidine plus hyperglycemia: a 31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy study. Cancer Research 60: 3532-3536, 2000.

Zhou R*, Bagga P, Nath K, Hariharan H, Mankoff DA and Reddy R*: Glutamate-weighted Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (GluCEST) Magnetic Resonance Imaging Detects Glutaminase Inhibition in a Mouse Model of Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Cancer Research 78(19):: 5521-5526, August 2018 Notes: * corresponding author.

Zhou R*, Pantel AR, Li S, Lieberman BP, Ploessl K, Choi H, Blankemeyer E, Lee H, Kung HF, Mach RH, Mankoff DA*: [18F](2S,4R)4-Fluoroglutamine PET Detects Glutamine Pool Size Changes in Triple Negative Breast Cancer in Response to Glutaminase Inhibition. Cancer Research 77(6): 1476-1484, March 2017 Notes: *Corresponding author.

Liu T, Choi H, Zhou R* and Chen I*: RES Blockade: A Strategy for Boosting Efficiency of Nanoparticle Drug. Nano Today (Impact Factor = 17) 10: 11-21, Feb 2015 Notes: *Corresponding author.

Choi H, Liu T, Qiao H, Chacko AM, Hu SH, Chen SY, Zhou R* and Chen IW*: Biomimetic Nano-Surfactant Stabilizes Sub-50 Nanometer Phospholipid Particles Enabling High Paclitaxel Payload and Deep Tumor Penetration. Biomaterials 181: 240-251, Oct. 2018 Notes: *Corresponding author.

Choi H, Liu T, Nath K, Zhou R* and Chen IW*: Peptide nanoparticle with pH-sensing cargo solubility enhances cancer drug efficiency. Nano Today (Impact Factor =17) 13: 15-22, March 2017 Notes: * Corresponding authors.

Zhou R*, Acton PD, Ferrari VA: Imaging Stem Cells Implanted in Infarcted Myocardium. Journal of American College of Cardiology 48(10): 2094-2106, 2006.

Zhang H, Qiao H, Frank RS, Huang B, Propert KJ, Margulies S, Ferrari VA, Epstein JA, Zhou R*. : Spin-Labeling Magnetic Resonance Imaging Detects Increased Myocardial Blood Flow After Endothelial Cell Transplantation in the Infarcted Heart. Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging. 5: 210-217, 2012.

Qiao H, Zhang H, Yamanaka S, Patel VV, Petrenko NB, Huang B, Muenz LR, Ferrari VA, Boheler KR and Zhou R*: Long-term Improvement in Post-Infarct Left Ventricular Global and Regional Contractile Function Mediated by Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes. Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging 4(1): 33-41, 2011.

Qiao H, Zhang H, Zheng Y, Ponde DE, Shen D, Gao F, Bakken A, Schmitz A, Kung HF, Ferrari VA, and Zhou R*: Embryonic Stem Cell Grafting in Normal and Infarcted Myocardium: Serial Assessment with MR Imaging and PET Dual Detection. Radiology 250(3): 821-829, 2009.

Zhou R, Idiyatullin D, Moeller S, Corum C, Zhang H, Qiao H, Zhong J, Garwood M : SWIFT Detection of SPIO Labeled Stem Cells Grafted in the Myocardium. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 63: 1154-1161, 2010.

Zhou R, Thomas DT, Qiao H, Bal H, Choi SR, Alavi A, Ferrari VA, Kung HF and Acton PD.: In vivo Detection of Stem Cells Grafted in the Infarcted Rat Myocardium. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 46: 816-822, 2005.

Zhou R*, Pickup S, Yankeelov T, Springer Jr. CS, Glickson JD : Simultaneous measurement of AIF and tumor pharmacokinetics in mice by dynamic contrast enhanced imaging: effects of transcytolemmal water exchange. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 52: 248-257, 2004.

Zhou R, Steve Pickup, Jerry Glickson, Craig Scott and Victor Ferrari : Assessment of Global and Regional Myocardial Function in the Mouse Using Cine and Tagged MRI. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 49: 760-764, 2003.

Lowell AN, Qiao H, Liu T, Ishikawa T, Zhang H, Oriana S, Wang M, Ricciotti E, FitzGerald GA, Zhou R* and Yamakoshi Y* : Functionalized Low-Density Lipoprotein Nanoparticles for in Vivo Enhancement of Atherosclerosis on Magnetic Resonance Images. Bioconjugate Chemistry 23: 2313-2319, 2012 Notes: *Corresponding author.

Kostetskii I, Li J, Xiong Y, Zhou R, Ferrari VA, Patel VV, Molkentin JD, Radice GL: Induced deletion of the N-Cadherin gene in the heart leads to dissolution of the intercalated disc structure. Circulation Research 96: 346-354, 2005.

Kook H, Lepore JJ, Gitler AD, Lu MM, Wing-Man Yung W, Mackay J, Zhou R, Ferrari V, Gruber P, and Epstein JA: Cardiac hypertrophy and histone deacetylase-dependent transcriptional repression mediated by the atypical homeodomain protein Hop. Journal of Clinical Investigation 112: 863-871, 2003.

Abtahian F, Guerriero A, Lu M, Zhou R, Mocsai A, Myers E, Huang B, Jackson D, Ferrari VA, Tybulewicz V, Lowell CA, Lepore JJ, Koretzky GA, and Kahn M: Regulation of blood and lymphatic vascular separation by signaling proteins SLP-76 and Syk. Science 299: 247-251, 2003.

Auricchio A, Zhou R, Wilson J, Glickson J: In vivo detection of gene expression in liver by 31P nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy employing creatine kinase as a marker gene. Proceeding of National Academy of Science (USA) 98: 5205-5210, 2001.

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