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Chamith S. Rajapakse, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor of Radiology
Department: Radiology

Contact information
1 Founders Building
Philadelphia, PA
B.Sc. (Electrical Engineering)
University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, 1998.
Ph.D. (Physics)
University of Houston, Texas, 2005.
M.S. (Computer Science)
University of Houston, Texas, 2005.
Post-Graduate Training
Postdoctoral Researcher - Medical Imaging, University of Pennsylvania, 2006-2011.
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Description of Research Expertise

Muscluloskeletal Imaging, Cardiovascular Imaging, and Orthopaedic Engineering

Selected Publications

Li C, Seifert AC, Rad HS, Bhagat YA, Rajapakse CS, Sun W, Lam SC, Wehrli FW: Cortical bone water concentration: dependence of MR imaging measures on age and pore volume fraction. Radiology 272(3): 796-806, Sep 2014.

Seifert AC, Li C, Rajapakse CS, Bashoor-Zadeh M, Bhagat YA, Wright AC, Zemel BS, Zavaliangos A, Wehrli FW.: Bone mineral (31)P and matrix-bound water densities measured by solid-state (31)P and (1)H MRI. NMR Biomed 27(7): 739-48, Jul 2014.

Al Mukaddam M, Rajapakse CS, Bhagat YA, Wehrli FW, Guo W, Peachey H, LeBeau SO, Zemel BS, Kappor SC, Snyder PJ. : Effects of testosterone and growth hormone on the structural and mechanical properties of bone by micro-MRI in the distal tibia of men with hypopituitarism. JCEM 99(4): 1236-44, Apr 2014.

Chang G, Honig S, Brown R, Deniz CM, Egol KA, Babb JS, Regatte RR, Rajapakse CS: Finite element analysis applied to 3-T MR imaging of proximal femur microarchitecture: lower bone strength in patients with fragility fractures compared with control subjects. Radiology 272(2): 464-74, Aug 2014.

Chang G, Honig S, Liu Y, Chen C, Chu KK, Rajapakse CS, Egol K, Xia D, Saha PK, Regatte RR: 7 Tesla MRI of bone microarchitecture discriminates between women without and with fragility fractures who do not differ by bone mineral density. J Bone Miner Metab 33(3): 285-93, May 2015.

Wink JD, Gerety PA, Sherif RD, Lim Y, Clarke NA, Rajapakse CS, Nah HD, Taylor JA.: Sustained delivery of rhBMP-2 by means of poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) microspheres: cranial bone regeneration without heterotopic ossification or craniosynostosis. Plast Reconstr Surg 134(1): 51-9, Jul 2014.

Rajapakse CS, Chang G.: Impact of body habitus on radiologic interpretations--Invited guest editorial. Acad Radiol 21(1): 1-2, Jan 2014 Notes: Invited guest editorial.

N. Zhang, J. Magland, C. S. Rajapakse, F. W. Wehrli: Registration-Based Motion Correction in Time-Series Studies of Bone Microarchitecture and Mechanics. ISMRM, Milan, Italy 2014 Notes: poster.

A. C. Seifert, C. Li, C. S. Rajapakse, M. Bashoor-Zadeh, Y. A. Bhagat, A. C. Wright, B. Zemel, A. Zavaliangos, and F. W. Wehrli: Bone Mineral and Matrix Densities Measured by Solid-State 1H and 31P MRI. ISMRM, Milan, Italy 2014 Notes: poster.

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