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Sean D. Carlin, Ph.D.

faculty photo
Research Associate Professor of Radiology
Department: Radiology

Contact information
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
BS (Hons) (Pharmacology)
University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 1991.
PhD (Medicine)
University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 1998.
Post-Graduate Training
Post-doctoral Fellow, Molecular Radiopharmacology, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 1998-2001.
Fellowship, Radiopharmaceutical Theraphy, American Cancer Society, Duke University, Durham, NC, 2001-2003.
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Selected Publications

Price, EW, Edwards, KJ, Carnazza, KE, Carlin, SD, Zeglis, BM, Adam, MJ.,Orvig, C, Lewis JS. : A comparative evaluation of the chelators H4octapa and CHX-A″-DTPA with the therapeutic radiometal 90Y. Nuclear Medicine and Biology 43(9): 566-576, Sept. 2016.

Demoin DW, Wyatt LC, Edwards KJ, Abdel-Atti D, Sarparanta MP, Pourat J, Longo VA, Carlin SD, Engelman DM, Andreev OA, Reshetnyak YK, Viola-Villegas N, Lewis JS. : PET Imaging of Extracellular pH in Tumors with 64Cu- and 18F-labeled pHLIP peptides: A Structure-Activity Optimization Study. Bioconjug Chem. 57(2), July 2016.

Sharma SK, Sevak KK, Monette S, Carlin SD, Knight JC, Wuest FR, Sala E, Zeglis BM, Lewis JS. : Preclinical 89Zr-immunoPET of High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer and Lymph Node Metastasis. J Nucl Med. 57(5): 771-776, May 2016.

Sood A, Miller AM, Brogi E, Sui Y, Armenia J, McDonough E, Santamaria-Pang A, Carlin S, Stamper A, Campos C, Pang Z, Li Q, Port E, Graeber TG, Schultz N, Ginty F, Larson SM, Mellinghoff IK. : Multiplexed immunofluorescence delineates proteomic cancer cell states associated with metabolism. JCI Insight. 1(6): e87030, May 2016.

Carlucci G, Carney B, Brand C, Kossatz S, Irwin CP, Carlin SD, Keliher EJ, Weber W, Reiner T.: Dual-Modality Optical/PET imaging of PARP-1 in glioblastoma. Mol Imaging Biol. 17(6): 848-55, Dec 2015.

Grkovski M, Schwartz J, Gönen M, Schöder H, Lee NY, Carlin SD, Zanzonico PB, Humm JL, Nehmeh SA. : Feasibility of 18F-fluoromisonidazole kinetic modeling in head and neck cancer using shortened acquisition times. J Nucl Med. 57(3): 334-341, Nov 2015.

Zeglis BM, Brand C, Abdel-Atti D, Carnazza KE, Cook BE, Carlin S, Reiner T, Lewis JS. : Optimization of a Pretargeted Strategy for the PET Imaging of Colorectal Carcinoma via the Modulation of Radioligand Pharmacokinetics. Mol Pharm. 12(10): 3575-87, Oct 2015.

Fanchon LM, Dogan S, Moreira AL, Carlin S, Schmidtlein CR, Yorke E, Apte AP, Burger IA, Durack JC, Erinjeri JP, Maybody M, Schöder H, Siegelbaum RH, Sofocleous CT, Deasy JO, Solomon SB, Humm JL, Kirov AS. : Feasibility of in situ, high-resolution correlation of tracer uptake with histopathology by quantitative autoradiography of biopsy specimens obtained under 18F-FDG PET/CT guidance. J Nucl Med. 56(4): 538-44, Apr 2015.

Carlin S, Humm J.: Hypoxia Imaging. Semin Nucl Med. 45(2): 98-100, Mar 2015.

Venneti S, Dunphy MP, Zhang H, Pitter KL, Zanzonico P, Campos C, Carlin SD, La Rocca G, Lyashchenko S, Ploessl K, Rohle D, Omuro AM, Cross JR, Brennan CW, Weber WA, Holland EC, Mellinghoff IK, Kung HF, Lewis JS, Thompson CB. : Glutamine-based PET imaging facilitates enhanced metabolic evaluation of gliomas in vivo. Sci Transl Med. 7(274): 274ra17, Feb 2015.

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