Giang T. Nguyen, MD, MPH, MSCE, FAAFP

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Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health
Department: Family Medicine and Community Health

Contact information
3535 Market Street
Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 746-0803
B.A. (Natural Science, Public Health Option, w/honors)
Johns Hopkins University, 1994.
M.P.H. (Public Health, Epidemiology)
UMDNJ New Jersey School of Public Health (now Rutgers), 2000.
M.D. (Medicine)
UMDNJ Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (now Rutgers), 2000.
M.S.C.E. (Clinical Epidemiology)
University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine, 2007.
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Description of Research Expertise

College health, LGBT health, Asian health, immigrant and refugee health, public health communication, community-based participatory research/CBPR, cancer control, health equity, HIV prevention, language access, health literacy, global health

Description of Clinical Expertise

Primary care medicine, college health, LGBT health, Asian American health, preventive care, quality improvement, diversity/inclusion and culturally competent care, colposcopy, electronic medical records.

Description of Other Expertise

* 2019 The Daily Pennsylvanian. Scared of mumps during Fling? SHS director gives tips on avoiding it (by Deena Elul and Daniel Wang). 04/10/19.
* 2019 The Daily Pennsylvanian. Not all Penn students have to get vaccinated: Here's why (by Gordon Ho). 04/11/19.
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* 2018 The Daily Pennsylvanian. For the first time, Student Health Service will offer the flu vaccine to all students for free (by Olivia Cheng). October 10, 2018.
* 2018 Rewire-News. Trans Students Say On-Campus Hormone Replacement Therapy Makes Them Feel ‘Welcome and Respected’ (by Donna Jackel). July 24, 2018.
* 2018 The Daily Pennsylvania. Number of flu cases in Pa. has almost doubled this year but SHS says Penn not affected (by Avni Kataria) 02/20/18.
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* 2017 The Daily Pennsylvanian. Over 6,000 people got flu vaccinations at Penn this year — the highest number in recent years (by Michel Liu). October 21, 2017.'
* 2017 Facebook Live event. Giang Nguyen and Susanne Salkind discuss Today's LGBTQ Community. Penn Spectrum on the Road series. University of Pennsylvania Penn Alumni and PennGALA (5/3/2017, Washington DC).
* 2017 The Daily Pennsylvanian. How will the House Republicans' health care bill affect Penn (and your future)? (by Kelly Heinzerling). Mar 20, 2017.
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* 2016 The Daily Pennsylvanian. Students push for easier access to student medical records (by Cherry Zhi). April 28, 2016. CXXXII(56):A6.
* 2016 The Daily Pennsylvanian. Students and SHS push for more queer-friendly healthcare services (by Chloe Cheng). April 27, 2016.
* 2016 The Daily Pennsylvanian. Mosquito repellent, condoms among Student Health Services' tips for spring break travelers (by Kathleen Harwood). March 5, 2016.
* 2015 Caring Times Blog. Is the U.S. Healthcare System Failing Multicultural Americans? (by Sara Price CSA). Sep 16, 2015.
* 2015 Wall Street Journal. New Push for Meningitis B Vaccines on College Campuses (by Peter Loftus). September 7, 2015.
* 2015 Penn Almanac. Giang Nguyen: Executive Director Student Health Service. February 24, 2015. 61(24):3.
* 2015 The Daily Pennsylvanian. Student Health Service appoints new executive director (by Isabel Kim). February 18, 2015.
* 2012 Simply Because: a 2012 community benefit report. University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine brochure about community outreach efforts. GTN photographed for booklet cover, quoted in 2-page spread about the Penn Asian Health Initiatives.
* 2011 Simply Because: a 2011 community benefit report. University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine brochure about community outreach efforts. GTN featured on booklet cover.
* 2011 Keystone Physician (Summer/Fall 2011). "CDC recognizes PAFP Foundation program". GTN shown in photo as part of article about the Pennsylvania Residency Program Collaborative (p. 18).
* 2011 Philadelphia Tribune. "Feds say men, boys need HPV vaccine: Studies show vaccination can help prevent more than just cervical cancer" by Zack Burgess. GTN quoted extensively (Oct 30).
* 2011 Daily Pennsylvanian "Penn Med offers increased focus on LGBT issues" by Eillie Anzilotti (4/20/2011). GTN quoted, and his work to educate Penn med students about LGBT issues is mentioned.
* 2011 Connections (American Cancer Society PA Southeast Region Newsletter) – “National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the Asian Community” – GT Nguyen featured with photo in article about the educational program for Asian health care providers. March. 14(1):5.
* 2010 The Public Health Record (U. Penn CPHI Newsletter). GTN's work on "Our Stories Our Health" and Asian Health Initiatives mentioned. Feb 3(1):2.
* 2010 Penn Medicine - magazine for Penn alumni and friends. "Fostering a Safe Haven." Article about LGBT environment at Penn. GTN quoted regarding seeing LGBT patients. 2010 22(2):3
* 2010 Penn Alumni (youtube). Penn Spectrum-Health Disparities [panel presentation featuring GTN]. November 19, 2010.
* 2010 Audrey - The Asian American Women's Lifestyle Magazine. "Asian Women Don't Get Breast Cancer?". GTN quoted and pictured in photo. Online access 10/30/2010
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* 2009 Allentown Morning Call (newspaper). GTN quoted in "Officials may be teens' MySpace friends" by Veronica Torrejon (Jan 6, p. B1), last accessed online 1/22/09 at
* 2009 Nguoi Viet Daily News. "Cúm heo và cúm thường: Giống, nhưng 'rất khác'" by Ðinh Quang Anh Thái. This article is a transcript of an interview of GTN. Last accessed online 11/11/09 at (Vietnamese American newspaper, circulation 17,400; daily readership 30,000+).
* 2009 Vien Dong Daily News. "Bac si Nguyen Truong Giang: 'Dung quen chich nuga cho tre em 11-12 tuoi' " GTN interviewed and quoted with photo in article about immunization of pre-teens. Available at Issue 4134
* 2008 Simply Because: a 2008 community benefit report. University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine brochure about community outreach efforts. GTN photographed in report.
* 2008 Newswise Daily Wire (journalists’ source for knowledge-based news). “Philadelphia’s Leading Healthcare and Broadcast Institutions Unite to Help the Southeast Asian Community” (3/19/2008). GT Nguyen mentioned and quoted regarding Philadelphia New Routes to Community Health project. Full article available online at
* 2008 The Daily Pennsylvanian. “For immigrants, a plan for better health” by Emily Garrett (3/24/2008; vol. CXXIV, no. 35; p. 5). GT Nguyen mentioned and quoted in article about New Routes to Community Health project. Article also available online at
* 2008 Philadelphia Business Journal. “Group helping with health of Southeast Asian immigrants” (3/26/2008). GT Nguyen’s New Routes to Community Health project described. Penn Family Medicine cited as lead partner. Article available online at
* 2008 The Public Health Record (U. Penn CPHI Newsletter). GTN's work and Asian Health Initiatives featured. July 1(2):2.
* 2008 Asia Crossing Newsletter (Alzheimer’s Association of Delaware Valley). “Community Health Event” (10/20/2008). GT Nguyen named and shown in photograph taken at the MECO multicultural health fair for which he and Penn Asian Health Initiatives provided ethnic marketing support.
* 2007 Vietnam Public Radio – GT Nguyen taped interview from 01/25/2007 about cervical cancer and HPV vaccine. Aired May.
* 2007 On Call (An Online Magazine for Healthcare Professionals, published by BostonWorks and indexed in CINAHL.) – “In other words…Talking with Patients about Integrative Therapies” (8/21/2007) – GT Nguyen quoted in article by Helen Osborne, M.Ed., OTR/L. Available online at and
* 2007 EPIC Center News (from the U. of Pennsylvania Center of Excellence in Cancer Communication Research) – GT Nguyen’s work featured in two articles: “EPIC Research Featured at Two AACR Conferences” and “EPIC Publications Update” (December, page 1)
* 2007 Simply Because. University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Community Benefits Brochure – GTN’s community programs are described in a 2-page spread (p.38-40).
* 2006 The Nation’s Health (American Public Health Association Newsletter) – “Annual Meeting focuses on public health preparedness” – GT Nguyen pictured but not named. January/February; page 37.
* 2006 Connections (American Cancer Society PA Southeast Region Newsletter) – “Cancer Control: Breast Health…What Asian American Women Need to Know” – GT Nguyen mentioned with photo in article about a May 2006 breast cancer education and outreach event for a multilingual group of over 900 Asian women. September. 9(3):5.
* 2006 The Epoch Times. GT Nguyen mentioned with photo in a Chinese-language article about the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network’s Celebration on the Hill. September 29. In print and online at (last accessed 10/20/2006)
* 2006 Connections (American Cancer Society PA Southeast Region Newsletter) – “Volunteer Spotlight” – GT Nguyen featured with photo in article about his volunteer activities with ACS. December. 9(4):3.
* 2006 Connections (American Cancer Society PA Southeast Region Newsletter) – “Cancer Control: Celebration on the Hill” – GT Nguyen featured with photo in article about the ACS Pennsylvania Southeast Region Asian American Advisory Work Group participation in the ACS Celebration on the Hill in Washington DC. December. 9(4):4.
* 2006 Connections (American Cancer Society PA Southeast Region Newsletter) – “Volunteer Awards Dinner” – GT Nguyen listed as recipient of the Rookie of the Year Award. December. 9(4):6.
* 2006 Ðài Việt Nam Hải Ngoại Vietnamese Public Radio – GT Nguyen’s article for the lay public about breast cancer is read on-air [in Vietnamese] by Ms. Trúc Nghiêm of Boat People S.O.S. Sunday July 30, 2006. Radio distribution 14 states, DC, and on Internet radio at [Distribution areas Washington DC/MD/VA, Atlanta GA, Philadelphia PA/Camden NJ, Baton Rouge LA, Portland OR, Wichita KS, St. Louis MO, Tampa FL, Austin TX, Grand Rapids MI, Denver CO, Oklahoma City OK]. Accessed online 8/1/2006
* 2005 KYW-TV 3 News – segment highlighting American Cancer Society/Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Asian Breast Health Symposium (GT Nguyen was a presenter at event, but not specifically shown in the news segment) – aired in Philadelphia PA on 11 o’clock news, May 22, 2005.
* 2005 American Cancer Society of Southeast Pennsylvania 2005 Year in Review Video – GT Nguyen interviewed on camera, 22 May.
* 2003 Philadelphia Gay News – GT Nguyen photographed for article about the Police Commissioners Liaison Committee on LGBT Affairs
* 2003 Philadelphia Gay News – “Top cop attends meeting” – GT Nguyen quoted in an article by Timothy Cwiek, about the Police Commissioners Liaison Committee on LGBT Affairs – 17-23 October; pages 3-4, 12.
* 2001 The Advocate – The National Gay and Lesbian Newsmagazine – “The Out Interns” – G Nguyen was quoted in an article by David Kirby about LGBT resident physicians and medical students – 22 May; page 33-34.
* 2001 GLMA Report – G Nguyen featured in “Out and About” section regarding the 2001 article in The Advocate (page 9) and regarding the 2000 GLMA President’s Award (with photo, page 24) – Summer.
* 2000 In the Life – a Public Broadcasting System (PBS) nationally televised news magazine program; G Nguyen featured on camera in a medical student roundtable discussion about LGBT issues in medical education in a segment entitled, "Good Medicine”, Feb.
* 2000 - Robert Wood Johnson Medicine magazine – GT Nguyen featured and quoted in “RWJMS Students Take Time-Out for Research” – an article by Toni L. Goldfarb – vol 4, no. 2, Fall/Winter; page 36-38.
* 2000 Images of Academic Excellence. University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey University Report 1999-2000 – GT Nguyen featured (with photo) and quoted in an article about new university graduates; page 11.
* 1991 TV-34 News (Monmouth County NJ) – GT Nguyen (caption name misspelled as “John Nyueng”) interviewed on camera for a segment by Liz Celeste about the Jersey Shore Medical Center SunWatch ’91 skin cancer survey, July 17.

* 2019 The Daily Pennsylvanian Multimedia (Youtube). 7 Tips from Student Health Services [video by Sage Levine, featuring SHS physicians Dan Meyer and Amanda Swain]

Selected Publications

Nguyen GT, Yehia BR: Documentation of sexual partner gender is low in electronic health records: Observations, predictors, and recommendations to improve population health management in primary care. Population Health Management 18(3): 217-22, 06/Jun 2015 Notes: [Epub 2014 Oct 7, ahead of print] doi: 10.1089/pop.2014.0075.

Kim T, Nguyen ET, Yuen EJ, Nguyen T, Sorn R, Nguyen GT: Differential Role of Social Connectedness in Geriatric Depression among Southeast Asian Ethnic Groups. Progress in Community Health Partnerships 9(4): 483-93, 12/Dec 2015 Notes: 1st Author Taehoon Kim is SUMR Program undergraduate student mentee of Dr. Nguyen. Co-authors Thoai Nguyen and Rorng Sorn were community collaborators. In print Winter issue 2015; DOI 10.1353/cpr.2015.0075.

LN Drinkard, A Halbritter, GT Nguyen, PL Sertich, M King, S Bowman, R Huxta, M Guagenti : Outbreak of Cryptosporidiosis Among Veterinary Medicine Students — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 2015 MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 64(28): 773, 07/July 2015 Notes: Lauren N. Drinkard, MPH, Ashlee Halbritter, MPH, Giang T. Nguyen, MD, Patricia L. Sertich, VMD; Max King, PhD; Sallyann Bowman, MD; Rebecca Huxta, MPH; Mary Guagenti

Le MN, Pan Z, Maglalang D, Barg FK, Bautista R, Nitta M, Butt F, Nguyen GT: Unmet Needs among AAPI Cancer Survivors. J of Cancer Education 32(2): 374–381, 06/June 2017 Notes: Mai-Nhung Le, Giang T. Nguyen, Zhi Pan, Dale Dagar Maglalang, Fidelia Butt, Roxanna Bautista, Mavis Nitta, Frances K. Barg / published online ahead of print 12/1/2015; DOI 10.1007/s13187-015-0952-7

Nguyen GT, Margo KL: Male body image and weight-related disorders. JAMA. (eds.). 313(8): 856, 02/Feb 2015 Notes: Body Image, Disordered Eating, and Muscle-Building in Gay and Bisexual Men; doi: 10.1001/jama.2015.424. // comment regarding Neumark-Sztainer D, Eisenberg ME. Body image concerns, muscle-enhancing behaviors, and eating disorders in males. JAMA. 2014;312(20):2156-2157.

Nguyen GT, Yuen EJ, Hsu L, Kue K, Nguyen T.: Surveying linguistically challenged Southeast Asian American populations: Use of a community-partnered methodology. J of Health Care for the Poor & Underserved 22: 1101-1114, 08/Aug 2011 Notes: Trainee: LH (MPH student).

Nguyen GT, Hsu L, Kue KN, Nguyen T, Yuen, EJ.: Partnering to collect health services and public health data in hard-to-reach communities: A community-based participatory research approach for collecting community health data. Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action 4(2): 115-20, 06/Summer 2010 Notes: Trainee: LH (MPH student).

Nguyen GT, Barg FK, Armstrong K, Holmes JH, Hornik RC.: Cancer and communication in the health care setting: experiences of older Vietnamese immigrants, a qualitative study. Journal of General Internal Medicine 23(1): 45-50, 01/Jan 2008.

Nguyen GT, Ashfaq H, Pham T-VH.: Health information in Vietnamese American print media: Results of a content analysis. Am J of Health Promotion 25(2): 122-125, 11/Nov 2010 Notes: Trainees: HA (postbac student), TVHP (undergrad student).

Teitelman AM, Stringer M, Nguyen G, Hanlon AL, Averbuch T, Witkoski Stimpfel A.: Social cognitive and clinical factors associated with HPV vaccine initiation among urban, economically disadvantaged women. Journal of Obstetric, Gynecological and Neonatal Nursing 40(6): 691–701, 11/Nov 2011.

Nguyen GT, Bellamy SL: Cancer information seeking preferences and experiences: disparities between Asian Americans and Whites in the Health Information National Trends Survey (HINTS). Journal of Health Communication 11 Suppl 1: 173-80, 2006.

Nguyen GT, Proctor SE, Sinkowitz-Cochran RL, Garrett DO, Jarvis WR.: Status of infection surveillance and control programs in the United States, 1992-1996. Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. American Journal of Infection Control 28(6): 392-400, 12/Dec 2000.

Nguyen GT, Wittink MN, Murray GF, Barg FK: More than just a communication medium: What older adults say about television and depression. Gerontologist 48(3): 300-10, 06/Jun 2008.

Nguyen GT, Leader AL, Hung WL.: Awareness of anti-cancer vaccines among Asian American women with limited English proficiency: An opportunity for improved public health communication. J of Cancer Education 24(4): 280-283, 10/Oct 2009.

Cronholm PF, Mao JJ, Nguyen GT, Paris RT: A dilemma in male engagement in preventive services: Adolescent males' knowledge and attitudes toward testicular cancer and testicular self-exam. American Journal of Men's Health 3(2): 134-140, 06/Jun 2009.

Levy JD, Nguyen GT, Nguyen ET: Factors influencing the receipt of hepatitis B vaccination and screenings in Vietnamese Americans. J of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 21(3): 851-861, 08/Aug 2010 Notes: Trainee: JDL (MPH student).

Nguyen GT, Shungu NP, Niederdeppe J, Barg FK, Holmes JH, Armstrong K, Hornik RC.: Cancer-related information seeking and scanning behavior of older Vietnamese immigrants. J of Health Communication 15(7): 754-768, 11/Nov 2010 Notes: Trainee: NPS (med student).

Giarelli E, Bruner DW, Nguyen E, Basham S, Marathe P, Dao D, Huynh TN, Cappella, J, Nguyen GT.: Research participation among Asian American women at risk for cervical cancer: Exploratory pilot of barriers and enhancers. J of Immigrant and Minority Health 13(6): 1055-68, 04/Apr 2011 Notes: Trainees: EN (MPH student), SB/PM/DD/TNH (undergrad students).

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