Postdoctoral Fellows

     As of May 1, 2018, there will be a new and fully funded postdoctoral position open for someone interested in working on the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease, oxidative stress, the biophysics of protein-lipid interactions, and brain lipid metabolism. The projects involve tandem mass spectrometry, various advanced analytical spectroscopic techniques, computational chemistry, whole-animal handling, and microsurgical skills. Experience in any of these areas is an advantage, but a mastery of other advanced research techniques will be accepted as evidence of an ability to learn the skills needed to be productive in this lab.

     Prospective postdoctoral researchers are encouraged to make initial contact by email. Initial contact should demonstrate a mastery of written English communication and include:

  • a complete curriculum vitae
    • bibliography should not include any abstracts, posters, "in preparation", or "submitted" manuscripts
    • please list reviews, book chapters, or other publications that are not primary research separately from primary research
  • visa / immigration status (or confirm that you are a US citizen)
  • evidence of familiarity with recent publications from this lab
  • evidence of scientific productivity (two or three recently published first-author papers)
  • a brief (one-line) statement of long-term career goals
  • an explanation of how a fellowship in this lab will help achieve those goals
  • a short list of references I may contact (do not ask for references to be sent to me)