Undergraduate students are welcome in the lab. There are almost always 1-3 at any given time, oftentimes from programs such as Vagelos, Ben Franklin Scholars, University Scholars, or Work-study. Quite a few undergraduates have been able to publish their work in first rate scientific journals.  A diverse array of experimental and computational projects are available, depending on the prior experience, interests, aptitude, time available, and goals of the student.

     Interested students should submit a complete curriculum vitae by email that includes all college level courses taken and grades received. Be sure to detail any prior laboratory experience (coursework doesn't count), and any special skills that may be relevant (e.g. computer programming). Strong preference is given to freshman and sophomores who are aggressive, willing to make multi-year commitments (including summers), and are aiming for graduate training in research through a PhD or an MD/PhD program.