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Welcome to the Bates Lab

Our lab is interested in the interactions between viruses and their host cells. We use a combination of molecular, cell biological, and genetic tools to understand how viruses invade host cells and evade host defenses. Generally, we focus on viral glycoproteins and host factors that facilitate infection. Although we work with a number of different viral systems, current projects concentrate on several pathogenic viruses including filoviruses (ebolavirus and Marburgvirus) and bunyaviruses (Hantaan, Andes, Sin Nombre, La Crosse).  In addition, we study the intrinsic antiviral factor Tetherin to probe its interaction with ebolavirus glycoproteins and signaling properties.




Current areas of interest

Ebolavirus-host cell interactions


Forward genetic screens in human haploid cells


Analysis of the cell-intrinsic immune factor tetherin


News & Events



Ken finally updates website!!


Press release for MJ & Ken's paper!!


MJ & Ken's paper published in PLoS Pathogens!!


Ben Dyer joins the lab for his thesis work! Did I mention he also received an NSF award?! Go Ben!!


MJ Drake completes her prelim exam!


Alexa Nicolas graduates Penn & completes her thesis work!


Ken Briley presents a poster at the 2013 Viruses & Cells Gordon Italia!


Luis Cocka publishes his Tetherin work in PLoS Pathogens!



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