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Ken finally updates website!!


Press release for MJ & Ken's paper!!


MJ & Ken's paper published in PLoS Pathogens!!


Ben Dyer joins the lab for his thesis work! Did I mention he also received an NSF award?! Go Ben!!



Paul Bates, PhD









Graduate Students

Nathan H. Vande Burgt

"My research focuses on interactions between the Ebolavirus Glycoprotein, GP, and a cellular anti-viral protein,Tetherin.  When enveloped viral particles bud from the cell, Tetherin can retain these budded particles on the cell surface and limit extracellular dissociation of virions.  A number of viruses have developed ways to overcome Tetherin mediated restriction.  Our lab has discovered that GP is the protein used by Ebolavirus to counteract Tetherin.  However, the mechanism used by GP is not understood very well.  Currently, I am using a number of molecular biology methods to determine which domains of GP are required to antagonize Tetherin.  I am also interested in understanding how Ebolavirus proteins may regulate or modify other cellular functions of Tetherin."






Luis J. Cocka

"Tetherin is an intrinsic antiviral factor shown to be important in restricting viral egress. Additionally, tetherin has been shown to have a poorly understood signaling function. I am interested in understanding the mechanism by which tetherin signals and the implications this function has during and independent of infection."  




(Luis J. Cocka on Pubmed)



Sudil Mahendra

"I am interested in the interaction of Ebola virus glycoprotein GP with the host innate immune sensor Toll-like Receptor 4.  I am currently examining the significance of this interaction and its possible contribution to Ebola virus uptake into host cells."






MJ Drake


Ben Dyer

Postdoctoral Fellows


Kenneth Briley Jr

"My research centers around the discovery of new viral entry factors. This work incorporates the use of genetic, biochemical , and microscopic techniques to study particle uptake."





(Kenneth Briley Jr. on Pubmed)



Past Members

Alexa Nicolas (Undergraduate)


Kathleen Haines (Postdoctoral Researcher)











                (left to right) Ken Thompson, Graham Simmons, Ning Chai, Arwen Vermeulen, Carlo Tanzi, Sean Amberg, Paul Bates



                  (left to right) Sean Amberg, Paul Bates, Carlo Tanzi, Ning Chai, Indira Akula, Liz Colston, Andy Peifer, Graham Simmons



(left to right) Lijun Rong, Kristin Gendron, Julie Huang, Rouven Wool-Lewis, Yasmin Mir-Shekari, John Balliet, Rachel Damico, Joanne Crane, Paul Bates



       (left to right) Yasmin Mir-Shekari, Rouven Wool-Lewis, Lijun Rong, Joanne Crane, Paul Bates, Rachel Damico, John Balliet, Kristin Gendron









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