Acting Workshop

Developing CBT-Informed Social Enactment Training Curricula for CHR Youths

This pilot study aims to analyze the feasibility of an introductory acting class as a method of intervention for clinical high risk youths. The 18-week intervention will be implemented on individuals aged 14-25, and will incorporate aspects of social cognition training used in conventional CBT.

All classes will be video recorded from two angles. These recordings can be used by the study staff to analyze and evaluate class activities and participants’ reactions to them.

Before providing access to the Acting Workshop video recordings, we ask that you complete the form on the next page. Our research team will review all requests. We will contact you when the review is complete. Upon approval of your request, we will provide account access to view class recordings online.

Video-taped and still images of research participants are considered protected health information, and are therefore subject to HIPAA regulations. Only researchers and study staff already on the study’s IRB delegation log will be approved to view these recordings.

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