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Self Reflected - Exhibit at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia

BGS alum Dr. Greg Dunn and a Penn physicist have been installing the world's most complex and detailed artistic representation of the brain at the olfactory closeup with watermark smallFranklin Institute. This piece, called Self Reflected, is a National Science Foundation funded work of science art created by Dr. Dunn (artist, neuroscientist) and Dr. Brian Edwards (artist, applied physicist) through the University of Pennsylvania over the past two years. It features a cross section of the human brain at 8' X 12' in a spectacular new technique invented by the artists called reflective microetching that is capable of animating brain circuitry through the manipulation of reflectivity of 22K gold surfaces.

The piece is made through a complex combination of hand drawing, adaptation of scientific data, computer algorithms that simulate the brain's connectivity and circuitry, photolithography, gilding, and strategic lighting design. It is the first piece of art of its kind in the world.

More information can be found here.


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BGS has graduated over 1500 students since 1991, the year the first cohort of BGS recruits completed training. As of 2013, BGS graduates were employed as follows:

Academic Postdoc 29%
Faculty/Academic 20%
Med Training/Physician 18%
Industry Research/Regulation 21%
Government Research/Regulation 3%
Other Related Fields,
e.g., Scientific Writer, Patent Lawyer
Unknown or Other 2%


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The Dish - Summer 2016

The Dish - Summer 2016

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