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CAMB 610 Molecular Basis of Gene Therapy

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 9:00 - 10:00 am, room 252 BRB II/III

F 7-Sep Wilson Overview of gene therapy
M 10-Sep Wilson Basics of Immunology
W 12-Sep Wilson Basics of Immunology
F 14-Sep Wilson Retroviruses
M 17-Sep Wilson Retroviruses
W 19-Sep Weiner Non-viral vectors
F 21-Sep Gewirtz RNAi
M 24-Sep Gewirtz RNAi
W 26-Sep Wilson Adenovirus
F 28-Sep No class
M 1-Oct No class CAMB RETREAT
W 3-Oct Wilson Adenovirus
F 5-Oct Wilson AAV
M 8-Oct Wilson AAV
W 10-Oct Wilson Regulation of gene expression
take home exam F 12-Oct discussion Wilson Vectors
UNIT 2 M 15-Oct Watson CNS
W 17-Oct Watson CNS
F 19-Oct Bennett Retinal disorders
M 22-Oct Bennett Retinal disorders
W 24-Oct Rubenstein Cystic fibrosis
F 26-Oct Rader Liver
M 29-Oct Rader Liver
W 31-Oct Chodosh Cancer biology
F 2-Nov Chodosh Cancer biology
UNIT 3 M 5-Nov High Hemophilia
W 7-Nov High Hemophilia
take home exam F 9-Nov discussion Wilson Gene therapy for genetic diseases
M 12-Nov Coukos Oncolytic vectors
W 14-Nov Pear Hematopoietic stem cells
F 16-Nov Pear Hematopoietic stem cells
M 19-Nov Vonderheide Monoclonal Antibodies
W 21-Nov June Tumor Immunology
F 23-Nov No class Thanksgiving break
M 26-Nov Albelda Strategies for Cancer Gene Therapy
W 28-Nov June Genetically engineered T-cells
F 30-Nov Weiner Vaccine Strategies for Cancer Gene Therapy
M 3-Dec Vonderheide Translation: Bench to clinic
W 5-Dec June Immune therapy/vaccines
take home exam F 7-Dec discussion Wilson Summary
Th Nov 22-23 Thanksgiving
Fr Dec 7 classes end