Connect with a Peer Support Mentor

PSN offers two modes of assistance: one-on-one peer mentoring sessions and town hall-style group discussions

Upon completion of the contact form, you will be connected with a PSN peer mentor. Together, you will discuss your preferred method of communication (face-to-face video meetings, phone calls, email, messaging) and the type of help you need. If interested in group discussions, additional information about upcoming sessions will be provided upon completion of the contact form. 

PSN peer mentors can provide advice on a multitude of subjects, including but not limited to: 
  • Academic stresses: 

    • Coursework 

    • Lab rotations 

    • Choosing a thesis lab 

    • Issues with one’s PI 

  • Graduate school challenges and general life stresses:

    • Establishing work-life balance 

    • Maintaining wellness 

    • Managing feelings of imposter syndrome 

Please complete the following form to request a one-on-one peer mentor and/or additional information about group discussions: Contact Form

Please email with questions and concerns.

If you are currently experiencing an acute crisis, please call CAPS at 215-898-7021. A clinician is available to speak 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

PSN student volunteers complete 1.5 hours of CAPS training to hone their listening, communication, and mentorship skills, and we’re currently working on obtaining additional CAPS I CARE training for volunteers. 

If deemed necessary, PSN mentors may refer their peers to CAPS and BGS administration for additional support. Referrals will be discussed and agreed upon with the person seeking guidance. 

We believe that confidentiality is absolutely critical to developing a trusting relationship between PSN volunteers and their mentees. However, we are obligated to contact CAPS and/or Penn Police in instances where there is imminent danger to yourself or others.