Get Involved

Looking to get involved in PSN? We’re actively recruiting volunteers!

If you are interested in helping your peers navigate stressful and challenging situations, we invite you to join the Peer Support Network. Volunteers can choose to work as one-on-one peer mentors, facilitators of group discussions, or both.

All volunteers will be asked to complete CAPS I CARE training to gain listening and counseling skills. Volunteers should be willing to participate in conversations that may require emotional labor in order to help their peers manage difficult situations. Volunteers are expected to donate 1-2 hours of work to PSN each week, which includes attending monthly PSN General Body Meetings to debrief and provide feedback on the efficacy of the network.

One-on-One Peer Mentors

As a one-on-one peer mentor, you will work with individual students who are seeking advice and mentorship. Once connected with a peer, you will discuss their preferred methods of communication and the type of help that your mentee needs. Communication methods include face-to-face meetings on video platforms (Zoom, BlueJeans, etc.), email, phone calls, or online messaging. Volunteers are expected to dedicate one hour per week to meeting and mentoring their assigned peer. Fellow PSN members, as well as designated BGS and CAPS counselors, will be available to you for guidance.

Group Discussion Facilitators

As a facilitator of group discussions, you will work together with leaders of the Peer Support Network to conduct town hall-style group sessions. Together, you will pick themes and content for these sessions, for example “Know your rights,” “Mindfulness during research resumption,” and “Communicating with your mentor.” Volunteers will help develop an agenda and pick case studies and exercises for the student participants. Members of this team are asked to rotate to host group sessions in pairs. For ease of communication, make sure that you have access to the professional video platform, BlueJeans, and feel comfortable using it.

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