Botswana-UPenn Partnership

Ari Ho-Foster, MSC

Mr. Ho-Foster completed undergraduate studies in biology with honours at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. He holds a Masters of Science in Applied Epidemiology from the Autonomous University of Guerrero, completed concurrently with a two-year CIET/Health Canada internship to develop local public health infrastructure in several provinces of Atlantic Canada. He brings extensive experience in research management from working in Southern Africa since 2002. From 2002-4, he managed a large nationally-representative study of HIV risk and sexual violence in South Africa, capturing data from over 280,000 youth. He served as a reviewer for a systematic review of HIV prevention programs in 2005-6. In 2007-8, Mr. Ho-Foster was an investigator for a ten-country study of HIV and sexual violence knowledge, attitudes and practices, with management-level involvement in all aspects of the study, and particular focus in design, instrument development, data management and analysis. From 2007-9, Mr. Ho-Foster also was a faculty member on a multi-country initiative to build Southern African research capacity to implement randomized trials in HIV prevention research. In recent years, he was an investigator on a cluster-randomized control trial, assessing the impact of several community level prevention interventions on HIV infection rates (biological endpoints) in communities across Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland. He joined the Botswana-UPenn Partnership as an epidemiologist in June 2010 and took over as Country Operations Director in March 2012.