Botswana-UPenn Partnership

Summer 2019 Internships

BUP facilitates internship opportunities for Penn students outside of the School of Medicine. The opportunities listed below are for Summer 2019.

Who can apply
  • Current Penn undergraduate students in good academic and disciplinary standing: freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Graduating seniors are NOT eligible for internships.
  • Matriculating Penn graduate students in good academic and disciplinary standing.
How to Apply

To apply to any of the internships below email your CV and cover letter to and put the name of the internship for which you are applying in the subject line of the email. Application deadline is January 6, 2019.

Is funding available?

As a part of Penn Abroad's Global Research & Internship Program (GRIP), accepted candidates can apply for funding. Details about funding awards can be found here. These awards are intended to help offset the cost of round-trip travel, living expenses, visa costs, etc., but are not meant to cover the entire internship experience. Funding awards will be determined based on a variety of factors, including your financial need, your relevant qualifications, and the estimated cost of your program.


Health Informatics Internship (2 Positions Available)

Placement: eHealth Research Unit, Department of Computer Science at the University of Botswana

Location: Gaborone, Botswana

Duration: 12 weeks, starting late May through early August

Hours: Monday through Friday 8am-5pm, full time internship

Housing: Accommodations are available in the University of Botswana dormitories near the internship placement site

Description: The Health Informatics intern will learn under the supervision of the eHealth Research Coordinator and assist eHealth cluster team members with various eHealth applications such as REDcap. The intern will also participate in research projects, receive research mentorship and provide support to partner projects. This internship is available for up to two Penn students (undergraduate or graduate).

In this position the intern will:

  • Familiarize themselves with the functionalities of technologies involved in the University of Botswana's eHealth projects
  • Support testing, research, implementation, and training activities related to eHealth projects
  • Work closely with partners and adapt to the eHealth project's needs
  • Engage in weekly Skype calls with teams to provide updates and get research mentorship

Candidates must have:

  • Strong interest in telemedicine, information retrieval and/or health systems research, mHealth, in resource-limited settings
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Experience working in cross-cultural situations
  • Comfort using different types of bask tech and software that support health systems
  • Flexibility and realistic expectations about what can be accomplished during this short-term internship




Internship with Stepping Stones International (4 Positions available)

Placement: Stepping Stones International (SSI) is an innovative after school and community outreach program established in 2006 in Mochudi, Botswana that serves orphaned and vulnerable adolescents (ages 12-25+) and their caregivers. Through school counselors and the community, SSI identify orphaned youth who under-perform academically, live in abusive environments or have basic unmet needs.

Location: Mochudi, Botswana (about 45-minute drive outside of Gaborone)

Duration: 12 weeks, starting late May through early August

Hours: Monday through Friday 8am-5pm, full time internship

Housing: Accommodations are available in Mochudi within walking distance of the placement site

SSI is offering up to four different internships. Please read the descriptions carefully. When applying, please clearly state which position you are applying for:


Communications Advisor Intern

Description: The Communications Advisor would assist Stepping Stones International in building and revamping the communication strategy as well as improving communications with current and perspective donors. SSI needs support in identifying new means of communicating and tracking media presence in country. This is an opportunity to use one’s communication skills to take an organization to the next level of visibility.

In this position the intern will:

  • Revamp and build Stepping Stones International's communications strategy linking it to the resource mobilization strategy
  • Identify new ways to communicate with donors, potential donors, friends, and colleagues of SSI
  • Improve and update website
  • Assist with writing and developing an improved newsletter
  • Set up a database for those whom SSI will communicate
  • Assist with press releases when necessary
  • Set up tracking system for SSI’s media presence
  • Train staff members on their use of Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook
  • Explore Instagram and improve SSI's Twitter and Linked in presence

Required Qualifications

  • Communication interest and background
  • Knowledge of the use of social media for the purposes of an NGO
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Flexibility to work with people from another culture
  • Ability to train others on the use of media for the organization
  • Self-starter and initiator
Health/Nurse or Public Health Intern

Description: Health is an important component of activities with the children and families at Stepping Stones International. It is an area that needs support and creativity to communicate the importance of all aspects of health. Most activities will be held in Mochudi, 40km from Gaborone however the intern would also assist with outreach activities in Gaborone and Otse (Moeding College- high school). This internship offers those in health the opportunity to use learned skills and apply to a different health context. 

In this position the intern will:

  • Assist young responsible mothers with health, hygiene, and how to develop the child through play and interaction
  • Plan and hold a health day with eye checks, BMI and nutrition workshops, and exercise booths for families and children at center
  • Assist in following up with health issues with local hospital
  • Assist in developing and conducting three parent talks on health issues and sexual violence
  • Develop ideas and sessions for community dialogues on HIV, TB, nutrition, sexual violence or other relevant topics to be held in Gaborone.
  • Assist young girls with higher risk to HIV to get tested and give talks in the life skills sessions and girls clubs in schools for DREAMS project.

Required Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate or graduate program in nursing, public health or health promotion
  • Ability to research topics and develop creative activities for children and youth regarding health issues e.g. Hygiene, dental health, nutrition, reproductive health
  • Ability to facilitate informational sessions with youth and parents
  • Flexible to work in different cultures with different systems and protocols
  • Willing to learn and adapt skills to given health environment.
  • Motivated, people-oriented
  • Self-starter and initiator
Social Work Intern

Description: The Social Work intern will provide support to Stepping Stones International’s Psychosocial and Life Skills Departments, engaging with children and youth where possible in improving their self-esteem, communication skills and their knowledge and coping mechanisms on social issue such as relationships, substance abuse, cyberbullying, suicide and other issues youth face in society.

In this position the intern will:

  • Assist with facilitating small group activities with children and youth through small group activities
  • Conduct psychosocial assessments with older youth ages 18-25.
  • Provide support to the Life Skills and Youth Leadership Departments by facilitating life skills sessions with youths aged 12-18 and 18-25
  • Research and create innovative sessions on specific topics relevant to life skills
  • Attend interdepartmental meetings and provide input to programmatic ideas for the children

Required Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate or graduate program in social work
  • Basic skills in counselling and case management
  • Ability to research and develop creative activities for children and youth regarding social issues
  • Knowledge of strengths based programming
  • Facilitation skills for small groups sessions
  • Flexible to work in different cultures with different systems and protocols
  • Willing to learn and adapt skills to given societal context
  • Motivated, people oriented
  • Self-starter and initiator
Education Intern

Description:The Education Intern will be trained on the University of Utah Reading Clinic’s Next Steps ( methodology and assist with the after school program’s education activities including literacy and tutoring in various subjects. The intern will also be tasked with identifying ways to help children learn according to their learning styles. Furthermore, the intern will assist tutors in adopting various methodologies for teaching. 

In this position the intern will:

  • Provide input on structuring the education department to include more computer learning with specific programs, interactive sessions such as science experiments.
  • Facilitate some education sessions, including topics related to the U.S. (hip hop, government, education) with children under the English Access program funded by the U.S. Embassy.
  • Identify ways to improve education sessions so that they are more interactive and train tutors to use these techniques.
  • Assist with assessing student on literacy using UURC methodology
  • Hold literacy and tutoring sessions with children daily.
  • Support initiatives of education department and school holiday sessions held for children.

Required Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate or graduate program in education
  • Basic skills in education pedagogy and creative methodologies for delivery
  • Ability to research and develop creative activities for children and youth to make learning and studying easier
  • Knowledge of online learning activities or ability to research such
  • Facilitation skills and ability to train other educators
  • Flexible to work in different cultures with different systems and protocols
  • Willing to learn and adapt skills to given educational environment
  • Motivated, people-oriented
  • Self-starter and initiator