Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Biomedical Postdoctoral Council

Travel Award

The Biomedical Postdoctoral Council is proud to announce the BPC Presidential Travel Award program. For our first year, three travel awards will be available, each worth $750. They can be used for any non-local meeting, where the postdoc is either presenting an abstract or undergoing defined professional development. Details are below.

Submission Deadlines and Award Dates:

Three awards will be distributed throughout the year; each award has its own submission deadline and eligibility period for when the travel needs to occur, as outlined below:

Submission Deadline Award Announcement Date Eligible Travel Window
Feb 1 Feb 15 March- June
June 1 June 15 July- Oct
Oct 1 Oct 15 Nov-Feb

Application Process and Eligibility Requirements:

All postdocs that are part of the BPC umbrella are eligible for the travel award. Additionally, matching funds of at least $500 must be provided by the PI, training grant, or other source.

The following documents should be put together in a single pdf in the below order and submitted to Lauren Cannon in the BPP office ( by the deadlines listed above.

  1. The name and location of the meeting, and the source of your matching funding.
  2. A copy of the accepted abstract for the meeting and letter of acceptance from the meeting, or a cover letter (no longer than 1 page) outlining the professional development benefits you would receive by attending the meeting in question. 
  3. Letter of support/recommendation from your PI.

Selection Criteria

The BPC co-presidents (who are ineligible for the travel award) will select the winner of each travel award based on the following criteria: 1) professional development potential and prestige for the postdoc (thus an oral plenary talk at a large international meeting would be weighed more heavily than a poster at a regional meeting); 2) financial need of the post-doc, as described in the PI letter of support; 3) general scientific merit. 

Other Details

Why not a strict requirement, the BPC will ask you to take a picture (or 10) of yourself at the meeting and post them on social media, tagging the BPC.