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"The BTG students bring a heightened level of enthusiasm, creativity, and professionalism to the participants that we serve ... Without a doubt, the BTG students have enriched the lives of those around them ..."
BTG Community Preceptor

About the BTG Clinical Program 


The BTG Clinical Program is an interdisciplinary experience providing students with the opportunity to become more skilled in collaborative community clinical service for underserved populations. As with BTG CHIP, the Clinical Program provides meaningful service to a partnering clinical/community site by allowing the site to access additional human resources (health/social service professions students). Students from multiple health and social service disciplines from across the city may elect to rotate through one of three program experiences.

Clinical Program Sites

Covenant House serves homeless youth, runaways and youth in crisis, and provides students with an opportunity to engage the youth in the cultivation of constructive responses to stress and attain skills that build positive approaches to life's challenges.

InnovAge Pennsylvania LIFE, a PACE Program (Program of All Inclusive Care of the Elderly), serves dual eligible, frail community-dwelling older adults.

Philadelphia FIGHT provides primary care to address the physical and emotional health needs of Philadelphia’s children from birth through age 18, regardless of ability to pay.

Prevention Point is a multiservice public health organization where students will experience a nonjudgmental approach to the provision of health care and social services for the hardest-to-reach and often addicted populations.

Clinical Program Academic Program Coordinators

Drexel University

Elissa Goldberg, MSW
Steven Rosenzweig, MD
(Academic Supervisor)

Philadelphia College
of Osteopathic Medicine

Robert Dustin, MA

Indhu Prabhakaran, DO
(Academic Supervisor)
Temple University

Providenza Loera Rocco, JD, MSW, MBE

Kathleen Reeves, MD
(Academic Supervisor)

Thomas Jefferson University 

Maria Hervada-Page

University of Pennsylvania

Bridget McCormick

Ken Ginsburg, MD
Christopher Renjilian, MD
(Covenant House)

Hilary R. Bognar, MD, MSCE
(InnovAge Pennsylvania LIFE-Living Independently for Elders)

Margaret Lowenstein, MD, MPhil  
(Prevention Point)

Affiliated Programs
Bryn Mawr College of Social Work and Social Research

Carolyn Solo, MSS

University of the Sciences

Cathy Y. Poon, PharmD, FPPAG

For more information, please contact:

Bridget McCormick


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"The BTG Clinical experience is unique ... What a perspective-broadening program this has been, building knowledge from the internship and seminar series and then putting that knowledge to use in a setting that demonstrated an ideal model of care."
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