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"I'm particularly impressed with the fresh, unique ideas and solutions, professionalism and compassion for the community the Interns demonstrate. Our program continues to grow and provide increasing services due to the cooperation of our two teams."
BTG Community Preceptor

BTG Heart Smart Event

Philadelphia's Annual Heart Smart event takes place at Thomas Jefferson University, midway through the program. The function is designed to raise awareness and understanding of cardiovascular health, while celebrating community involvement in BTG. Students, faculty, community preceptors and some clients from participating community organizations attend.

In the weeks preceding the event, BTG students work with community partners (except at sites where the activity is not appropriate) developing colorful posters that illustrate a heart smart theme. On event day, all the posters created by the community organizations are displayed and attendees vote on their favorites. The two winners of the 2018 Heart Smart Poster Contest are Temple University/Upward Bound and East Park Revitalization Alliance. Each winning organization is offered a $100 prize.

2018 Heart Smart Poster Contest Winner Temple University/Upward Bound

Temple University/Upward Bound

2018 Heart Smart Poster Contest Winner: East Park Revitalization Alliance

East Park Revitalization Alliance

This year, BTG Student Coordinators invited a Zumba instructor to lead guests in a short workout session.

“During the month of July, the … interns chose a particular focus on cardiovascular health leading up to the Heart Smart Reception. On top of our normal interactions with patients, we gave them the opportunity to create a ‘Heart Smart Goal’ to be included on our poster. After each patient set a goal, we were able to provide some more information about heart healthy ideas related to exercise, healthy eating, and other topics. This part of our job offered us the opportunity to practice cultural agility in health education and communication. We also had a great time getting to know our patients more personally and exploring and breaking down their own perceived barriers to good cardiovascular health. The Heart Smart Reception was an amazing opportunity to showcase our work during July and also to see the impressive work done by other teams of interns.”

“I understood how important it is to be aware of different cultures and their standard health practices. Knowing this does wonders in educating patients on CV health.”

- BTG Student Interns

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"I think it's very important as future health professionals to be aware of our surroundings and environment so that we can better understand our patients, and that's the reason why I believe BTG will help all of the interns become better health professionals in the future."
BTG Student Intern
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