23rd Annual Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Group Symposium

We're excited to invite the CAMB community to our virtual symposium on October 1st from 2pm-4pm and October 2nd from 8am-3:30pm.

Please register using the links below by September 25th. All CAMB students are required to attend, and any CAMB student is eligible to present a poster. Registrations with poster abstracts need to be submitted by September 18th.

CAMB Student Registration

Faculty, Postdoc, and Other Registration

Registration is required to receive links and instructions to access the event.

Our symposium will be hosted both through a mobile and desktop app. We will have our poster sessions on October 1st, and keynote talks, student speakers, alumni career panels, and networking time on October 2nd. See our schedule for more information, and below for our great list of speakers!

Alumni Keynote Speaker

Jeannie T. Lee, MD, PhD

Jeannie T. Lee, MD, PhD
Harvard University
Professor of Genetics

Choosing sides:  X-chromosome inactivation, CTCF, and Polycomb

Lab Website

Racial Justice Lecture Series

Ruth Enid Zambrana, PhD

Ruth Enid Zambrana, PhD
University of Maryland
Professor Department of Women's Studies
Director, Consortium on Race, Gender and Ethnicity

Looking Inwards: Opportunity, Structural Racism and Pathways to Higher Education

Faculty Webpage

Student Speakers

Courtney Comar

Courtney Comar
MVP Program
Susan Weiss' lab

Coronavirus evasion of double stranded RNA induced antiviral pathways

Ayon Ibrahim, PhD

Ayon Ibrahim, PhD
CPM Program
recent alum of Zolt Arany's lab

Mitochondrial ATP Production Drives Endothelial Fatty Acid Uptake and Transport

Jennifer Luppino

Jennifer Luppino
G&E Program
Eric Joyce's lab

Rewiring the genome: the role of cohesin in gene regulation

Leon Morales

Leon Morales
GTV Program
Hansell Stedman and Jean Bennett's labs

Assessing the Efficacy and Safety of a Gene Therapy Based Approach in  Mammalian Models of Muscular Dystrophy

Kerry Roby

Kerry Roby
CB Program
Sandra Ryeom's lab

Response to Stress by the Tumor Microenvironment

Yixin Zang

Yixin Zang
DSRB Program
Greg Bashaw's lab

Crossing the midline requires sequential proteolysis of the Frazzled axon guidance receptor