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Cell Biology, Physiology, and Metabolism

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Program Overview

Modern cell biology is a dynamic discipline that integrates the interests of a variety of scientific fields including molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, microbiology, physiology, developmental biology, cytology and genetics -- fields that were once almost completely independent of each other. Cell biologists are at the core of scientific research, investigating the basic structural and functional units of life: cells that compose all living organisms. Once reliant primarily on microscopic methods, experimental approaches in cell biology now take advantage of ultrastructure as well as biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology, and utilize a diverse range of model organisms. Cell Biology research at Penn has contributed to numerous medical advances in recent years, including those related to diabetes, blindness, muscular dystrophy and cancer.

The Program in Cell Biology, Physiology, and Metabolism is dedicated to training graduate students in the diversity of medical science that defines modern cell biology, as well as providing ample time and resources for specializations. Laboratories in this program conduct research in a wide variety of areas that encompass, but are not limited to, five overlapping areas of research:

The CPM graduate program is supported by Penn Cell Biology, an umbrella organization that sponsors and coordinates seminars and other events for our many investigators, students and fellows.

Overview | Requirements | Courses

Program Requirements

A complete list of CAMB courses and their descriptions can be found here. Additional information may be found at http://www.med.upenn.edu/bgs/course_info.shtml.

Required Courses:

See Curriculum section of this site for more information on the CAMB graduate group's requirements and related topics.

Overview | Requirements | Courses

Program Courses

CAMB 691: Advanced Topics in Cell Biology and Physiology I
CAMB 692: Advanced Topics in Cell Biology and Physiology II
CAMB 532: Human Physiology
CAMB 698: Elective Tutorials in Cell Biology

Suggested Elective Courses:

CAMB 480 /BIOL 480: Advanced Cell Biology
CAMB 511: Principles of Development
CAMB 512: Cancer Genetics and Biology
CAMB 518: Current Topics in Ion Channels
CAMB 550: Genetic Principles
CAMB 608: Regulation of Eukaryotic Gene Expression
CAMB 610: Molecular Basis of Gene Therapy
CAMB 615: Topics in Conformational Disease
CAMB 703: The ECM, adhesion receptors, and translational biomechanics
BIOL 486: Cell division and mitotic spindles
NGG 572: The Electrical Language of Cells

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