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Cell Motility, The Cytoskeleton, and Muscle Physiology

The following laboratories are interested in muscle, cell motility and cytoskeletal.

Erfei Bi

Development of cell polarity and control of cytokinesis in budding yeast.
Janis Burkhardt

Regulation and function of the T cell cytoskeleton.
Peter Davies

Biomechanics in Vascular Biology/Pathology, Hemodynamics and Atherosclerosis, Vascular Cell Communication, Cytoskeletal and membrane biophysics.

Horace M. DeLisser
Endothelial Cell Adhesion and Motility.
Dennis Discher
Cell and nuclear membrane structure-function; Adhesion mechanisms and responses of cells; Phagocyte recognition processes; Membrane skeleton and cytoskeleton; Diseases ranging from muscular dystrophy to anemias to athersclerosis; Drug delivery.
Yale Goldman
Relating the structural changes to enzymatic reactions and mechanical steps of the energy transduction mechanism by mapping the real-time domain motions of the motor proteins and ribosomal elongation factors.
Ekaterina L. Grishchuk Mechanisms that drive and control chromosome motions in mitosis
Wei Guo
The molecular basis for polarized exocytosis and how exocytosis contributes to polarized cell growth and morphogenesis.
Erika L. Holzbaur
Microtubule-based motility.
Paul Janmey

Cytoskeleton, phosphoinositide signalling, cell mechanics.
Anna S. Kashina

Protein modifications, mouse genetics, cancer, cytoskeleton, cardiovascular development, angiogenesis.
Frank Luca
Yeast and mammalian cell cycle regulation; Cytokinesis.
Daughter cell-specific gene expression; Polarized growth
Mitotic Exit Network (MEN); Regulation of Ace2-dependent transcription and Morphogenesis (RAM).
Michael Ostap
Molecular mechanisms of cell motility.
Benjamin Prosser Mechano-signaling in heart
Tatyana Svitkina
Roles of the cytoskeleton in cell motility.
Phong Tran
The cytoskeleton and cellular pattern formation.
John W. Weisel
Intermolecular and cellular interactions in blood clotting, fibrinolysis, and atherosclerosis studied by molecular biophysical methods.

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