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Developmental Genetics

The following G&E laboratories are interested in developmental genetics
Naiara Aquizu Lopez Our research interest is to better understand human brain complexity in health and disease, with the ultimate goal to uncover therapeutic targets for neurological disorders.
Michael Atchison
Control of Gene Expression, development, and oncogenesis.
Roberto Bonasio Epigenetics, chromatin, noncoding RNAs, ants
Gerd Blobel

Hematopoiesis, gene expression, transcription factors, chromatin

Brian Capell Our lab seeks to understand how epigenetic and chromatin-based transcriptional regulatory mechanism contribute to carcinogenesis and aging, utilizing the skin as our model system.
Jennifer Cremins The Cremins lab investigates the link between three-dimensional organization of genomes and the establishment and maintenance of cellular function.
Douglas Epstein
Regulation of Sonic hedgehog signaling in development and disease
Thomas Jongens
Modeling Fragile X Mental Retardation in Drosophila; Germ Cell Specification
Eric Joyce Form and function of nuclear compartments and chromosome positioning
Yana Kamberov

Evolution of human specific traits; Genetics of skin appendage development and evolution; Mouse models to understand the functional significance of adaptive genetic changes;identification and functional testing of regulatory elements driving human evolution

Shawn Little Transcription dynamics; Cell fate specification; RNA production, processing, transport, localization
John Murray Combinatorial control of transcription and cell fate specification, C. elegans development, cellular resolution live imaging
Kazuko Nishikura
RNA metabolism/processing. RNA editing, RNAi mechanism, apoptosis, cell cycle regulation.
Aimee Payne *Genetic and functional characterization of human autoantibody repertoires
*Targeted therapy for pemphigus
*Regulation of desmosome assembly and disassembly
Nancy Spinner
Human Genetics, Notch signaling in human disease, Alagille syndrome, human disease gene identifcation by mapping deletions.
Eileen M. Shore
Genetic diseases of bone formation and development; Molecular and cell biology of bone formation and osteoblast differentiation; Transcriptional activation and regulation of bone morphogenetic protein and GNAS1 target genes.
Doris Stoffers
Transcription factors and signal transduction; Embryonic development and adult regeneration of the endocrine pancreas; Relationship of defects in these pathways to the pathophysiology of diabetes mellitus, a disease caused by a deficiency in the production or action of insulin.
Meera Sundaram
Regulation and targets of Ras/ERK signaling in C. elegans
Katalin Susztak Work in my laboratory is aimed toward the understanding of molecular pathways that govern chronic kidney disease development.
Kai Tan Model gene regulatory networks in development and disease
Doris Wagner
Molecular mechanisms controling developmental transitions in response to environmental and endogenous cues.
Mitchell Weiss
Developmental Hematopoiesis concentrating on red blood cell and megakaryocyte lineages.
Kenneth Zaret
Mammalian gene regulation, cell differentiation, chromatin structure.
Zhaolan (Joe) Zhou Epigenetic Control of Experience-dependent Gene Expression in Brain Development and Disease

Other CAMB laboratories (with research related to G&E) interested in developmental genetics.

Greg Bashaw Signaling mechanisms that function during attractive and repulsive axon guidance.
E. Bryan Crenshaw Analysis of the role of developmental regulatory factors during mouse embryogenesis.
Steve DiNardo Stem Cell Function; developmental patterning.
Jonathan Epstein Transcriptional regulation of cardiac development and function using mouse models.
Amin Ghabrial How cells make and shape tubular organs
Michael Granato Axonal guidance and motor behavior regulation in the zebrafish.
Greg Guild Shaping Drosophila cells with the actin cytoskeleton.
Olena Jacenko Molecular mechanisms of skeletal development and blood cell differentiation.
Brian Keith How cells and tissues adapt to oxygen deprivation (hypoxia) by modifying gene expression.
Sarah Millar Intercellular signals regulating the development of hair follicles, teeth and mammary glands and postnatal hair growth.
Ed Morrisey Lung development, cardiac development, vascular development, Wnt signaling, regulation of gene transcription, GATA factors, forkhead factors.
Mary Mullins BMP signal transduction; molecular mechanisms of cell specification establishment of the vertebrate body plan via maternal control mechanisms.
Michael Pack Genetic analysis of vertebrate digestive organ development using the zebrafish.
Micahel Parmacek Transcriptional programs that regulate cardiovascular development.
Scott Poethig Regulation of developmental timing and organ polarity in plants.
Patrick Seale Transcriptional control of adipocyte formation and function
Richard Schultz Egg activation and gene expression in mouse embryos.
Celeste Simon Hematopoiesis, angiogenesis, tumorigenesis, and cellular responses to oxygen deprivation.
Nancy Speck Hematopoietic stem cells and leukemia using mouse models
Ben Stanger Organogenesis, Stem Cells, Pancreatic Cancer, Regulation of Organ Size.

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