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G&E graduates

More than 70 G&E students have received Ph.D. degrees.  Typical time to degree is between 5 and 6 years. Approximately 2/3 of G&E graduates go on to further postdoctoral research training, while the rest take immediate jobs in academia, government or private industry.  As of 2013, G&E graduates were employed as follows:

Academic Postdoc 31%
Faculty/Academic 17%
Med Training/Physician 17%
Industry Research/Regulation 17%
Government Research/Regulation 4%
Other Related Fields,
e.g., Scientific Writer, Patent Lawyer
Unknown or Other 1%

BGS maintains a Linkedin Group for Biomedical Graduate Studies Alumni.  G&E alumni are listed below.

Last Name First Name Entering Class Mentor Thesis Title
Glineburg Becky 2010 Johnson "DNA Disentangled: Roles for Sgs1 and Top3 in Rec-X resolution and replication fork restart"
Johnson Seth 2010 Roegier "Endocytic regulation of Notch signaling in Drosophila melanogaster neural progenitor cells"
Kim Rinho 2010 Kaestner "Epigenetic regulation of embryonic and intestinal stem cells by DNA hydroxymethylation"
Li Yun (Rose) 2010* Hakonarson "The genomic architecture of pediatric autoimmune disease"
Silverman Ian 2010 Gregory "Identifying RNA-protein interaction sites throughout eukaryotic transcriptomes: A game of 'Omes"
Wood Kathleen 2010 Zhou "Insights into MBD2 function revealed by a novel genetic tagging approach"
Yang Yueqin 2010 Carstens "Determination of a comprehensive alternative splicing regulatory network during the epithelial to mesenchymal transition"
Aoki Reina 2009 Kaestner "Transcriptional regulation of intestinal epithelial stem cells and differentiation"
Falk Samantha 2009 Black "Centromere identity and the nature of the CENP-A containing nucleosome"
Hsiung Chris 2009* Blobel and Raj "The mitotic genome: Accessibility and transcriptional control"
Johnson Brian 2009 Zhou "It's all about context: Seq-ing a mechanism for MeCP2 in Rett Syndrome"
Mews Philip 2009 Berger "Acetyl-CoA metabolism by ACSS2 regulates neuronal histone acetylation and long-term memory"
Monyak Rachel 2009 Jongens "Identifcation and rescue of misregulated insulin signaling in a Drosophila model of Fragile X syndrome"
Nall Aleksandra 2009 Sehgal “Uppers and downers: Understanding sleep regulation using small molecules in Drosophila”
Plasschaert Robert 2009 Bartolomei "Understanding the recruitment and regulatory functions of CTCF during development"
Bryant Jessica 2008 Berger “Chromatin dynamics in yeast and mammalian gametogenesis”
Campbell Amy 2008 Blobel "Dissecting molecular pathways that underlie disease causing GATA1 mutations”
Li Yafeng 2008* Dunaief "Iron-induced complement dysregulation via non-canonical TGF-beta signaling in the retinal pigment epitheliu: implications for age-related macular degeneration"
Shearin Abigail 2008* Birnbaum "AKT controls adipocyte function and systemic metabolism"
Abramowitz Lara 2007 Bartolomei “Genomic Imprinting: Establishment, maintenance and stability of DNA methylation imprints”
Jimenez Richard 2007* Schultz "Role of maternal SIN3A in reprogramming gene expression during mouse preimplantation development"
Morton Elizabeth 2007 Lamitina “Regulation and dynamic behavior of the heat shock transcription factor HSF-1 in C. elegans”
Ranaweera Ruchira 2007 Yang “Control of the tumor suppressor p53 by regulating Mdm2 activity and stability”
Abdus-Saboor Ishmail 2006 Sundaram "The EGF-Ras-ERK pathway and the Nkx-5/Hmx homeodomain protein MLS-2 promote tube development in the C. elegans excretory system"
Eberle-Dwyer Samantha 2006 Chodosh “Autophagy is required for HER2/neu-induced mammary tumor recurrence by promoting the survival of dormant tumor cells”
Gregory Brittany 2006* Cheung “Natural variation in the histone demethylase, KDM4C, influences cell proliferation through the regulation of specific genes”
Hancks Dustin 2006 Kazazian "Hominid specific SVA elements: Genomic impact and insights into L1-mediated retrotransposition"
Okegbe Tishina 2006 DiNardo "A Notch above bowl: Specfiication of niche cells in the Drosophila testis"
Panchenko Tatyana 2006 Black “Centromeric chromatin: Structure, Function and Epigenetic Inheritance”
Weber Christopher 2006 Fisher "Multiple conserved enhancers of the osteoblast master transcription factor, Runx2, integrate diverse signaling pathways to direct expression to developing bone”
Bauer Robert 2004 Spinner "JAGGED1 missense mutations in disorders of the liver and heart"
Beerman Rebecca 2004 Jongens "Characterizing the Regulation and Activity of the Drosophila Fragile X Mental Retardation Gene, dfmr1”
Bhogal Balpreet 2004 Jongens “Modulation of Adar-Dependent RNA Editing by the Drosophila Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein”
Dilks Stacie 2004 DiNardo "Control of denticle diversity in the Drosophila embryo"
Lamonica Janine 2004 Blobel “The Role of GATA1 Acetylation during Erythroid Development”
Warzecha Claude 2004 Carstens "The Novel Splicing Factors ESRP1 and 2 Orchestrate an Epithelial Cell Type-Specific Alternative Splicing Network"
Carnegie Jason 2003 Wolf "Characterization of the Expression, Localization, Regulation and Role of Pancreatic Derived Factor (PANDER, FAM3B) In Pancreatic Alpha Cells"
Claiborn Kathryn 2003 Stoffers "The role of a ubiquitin ligase adaptor protein in glucose homeostasis and beta cell mass"
Marshall-Rose Heather 2003 Bushman "Viral and Cellular Determinants of Retroviral Integration Targeting"
Norseen Julie 2003 Lieberman RNA-dependent recruitment of ORC to the Epstein -Barr virus origin of replication
Sachdeva Uma 2003* Thompson "Novel Contributions of PDX-1 to Pancreatic §-cell Adaptation to Insulin Resistance"
Vishnu Melanie 2003 Liebhaber "The RNA-binding protein alphaCP2 is a novel trans factor involved in mediating cytoplasmic polyadenylation "
Yunk Lenka 2003 Luning Prak "Antibody Gene Rearrangement in B Cells That Carry an Antibody Heavy Chain Transgene"
Bezman Natalie 2002 Koretzky Regulation of immunoreceptor and integrin signaling by the adapter protein SLP-76
Buas Matthew 2002 Kadesch Mechanisms of Notch-mediated inhibition of skeletal myogenesis
Ingvarsdottir Kristin 2002 Berger Histone modifications and histone modifying enzymes in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Di Angelo Justin R. 2002 Birnbaum Allocating energy utilization for growth and metabolism: The interplay between insulin and inflammatory signaling in Drosophila melanogaster
Fortin-McWilliams Kristine 2002* Mourelatos Protein Partners and Post-translational Modifications: Towards Understanding the Regulation of Argonaute Proteins
Golson Maria 2002 Kaestner Jagged1 in pancreatic endocrine and duct development
Savic Velibor 2002 Bassing  Regulation of H2AX phosphorylation density around a defined double stranded DNA break in chromatin
Wan Le-Ben 2002* Bartolomei  Maternal depletion of CTCF reveals multiple functions in transcription and development
Norman Jessica 2001 Shiekhattar 
Conlin Laura 2001 Nelson
Garbe David 2001 Bashaw
Sackett Sara 2001 Kaestner
Sachdeva Mira 2001* Stoffers
Watts Jason 2001* Zaret
Wyce Anastasia 2001 Berger
Zhang Yan 2001* Dancis
MacFarlan Todd 2000 Chakravarti
Robert Claudia E. 2000 Wolf
Vakoc Christopher 2000* Blobel
Babushok Daria 2000* Kazazian
Alenghat Theresa 1999* Lazar
Bandura Jennifer 1999 Calvi
Fedoriw Andrew 1999 Bartolomei
Fingerman Ethan 1999 Sniegowski
Fiori Jennifer 1999 Shore
Howard-Barfield Robyn 1999 Sundaram
Letting Danielle 1999 Blobel
Lantz Kristen 1999 Kaestner
Mochan Tamara 1999 Halazonetis
Bayes-Hartman Helen 1998 Lazar
Ferguson Scott 1998 Nelson
Jen Kuang-Yu 1998* Cheung
Keeley Michael 1998 Abel
Maude Shannon 1998* Enders
Rives Anna 1998 DiNardo
Rao Prakash 1997 Kadesch
Seidner Glen 1997 Fortini
Banerjee Ronadip 1997* Lazar
Leatherman Judy 1996 Jongens
Melloy Patricia 1996 Holloway
Jaffe Aaron 1995 Jongens
Kapfhamer David 1995 Bucan
McDonald Robert 1995 El Deiry
Sund Newman 1995* Kaestner
Atkins Brandon 1994* Lazar
DeAngelis Robert 1994 Taub
Hendrickson Carrie 1994 Holloway
Leu Julie 1994 George
*combined degree student


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