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Gene Therapy and Vaccines

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Program Overview

The Gene Therapy and Vaccines Program focuses on the use of gene transfer in animal models and humans, either for therapeutic purposes or for vaccination. The mission of the graduate program is to produce exceptional investigators who will become outstanding researchers in the field. Students in the program acquire a broad background in molecular biology, cell biology, physiology, immunology and virology. Research in the program includes basic cell biology, molecular biology, developmental biology, molecular physiology, virology and immunology. Although the goals of the research are disease-based with an ultimate objective directed to prophylactic and therapeutic applications, the research training focuses on basic investigations directed to understanding the pathobiology of relevant diseases and to achieving efficient and effective gene transfer in humans. Among the diseases of interest to program members are cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, lysosomal storage diseases, inherited blindness, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and immunologic and infectious diseases. Research on vaccines for prophylactic as well as therapeutic indications are emphasized. Specific focus is provided through a survey course in gene therapy and vaccines and through advanced seminars in specific areas of gene therapy and/or vaccine research. In addition, the program runs a monthly seminar series featuring faculty members from Penn and other universities, as well as a bi-weekly trainee seminar where graduate students and post-doctoral fellows present their research.

Overview | Requirmeents | Courses

Program Requirements

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Required Courses:

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Overview | Requirements | Courses

Program Courses

CAMB 610: Molecular Basis of Gene Therapy
CAMB 609: Vaccines and Immune Therapeutics
CAMB 510: Immunology for CAMB students

Suggested Elective Courses:

CAMB 532 : Human Physiology

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