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Microbial Genomics and Evolution

The following labs are interested in Microbial Genomics and Evolution:

Dustin Brisson I am interested in the interactions between pathogenic microbes and their hosts and how specifically those interactions shape the ecology and evolution of both the microbe and the host populations. Additionally, I am interested in the causes and consequences of molecular evolution and population genetics of pathogens. Methods from field ecology (including chicken-wire and cargo pants!), advanced molecular techniques, mathematical modeling, and computational analysis are commonly used in my lab to address relevant hypotheses.
Frederic Bushman HIV, integration, integrase, poxvirus, DNA modifying enzyme, virology, variola, RNA interference, interferon
Sara Cherry Virus, genomics, RNAi, genetics, Drosophila, innate, immunity
M. Fevzi Daldal Rhodobacter, cytochrome
Elizabeth Grice microbial genomics, metagenomics, wound healing, innate immunity, microbiome of skin in health and disease
Scott Hensley Influenza virus, antigenic drift, viral pathogenesis, viral receptors, antibody specificity, vaccine
Rahul Kohli Our laboratory focuses on the enzymatic generation of genomic diversity. We utilize a broad array of approaches, including biochemical characterization of enzyme mechanisms, chemical synthesis of enzyme probes, and biological assays spanning immunology and virology to study this central tactic in the constant battle between our immune system and pathogens.
Paul Planet Evolution and ecology of bacterial pathogens
Joshua Plotkin I am broadly interested in molecular population genetics and evolution. My research is based largely on computation and mathematical theory. A primary goal is to develop statistical methods for inferring the action of natural selection from intra-specific polymorphism data and from inter-specific sequence variation. Of particular interest are applications to the genomes of pathogens, whose proteins experience a wide range of selective pressures determined by interactions with their hosts.
Mechthild Pohlschroder Archaea, protein secretion, porkaryotes, haloarchaea, type IV pili, flagella, biofilm.
David Roos Molecular parasitology, drug resistance, organellar targeting, eukaryotic evolution, pathogen genomics, database mining, computational biology, Toxoplasma, Plasmodium, malaria
Joseph Zackular Clostridium difficile; Enterococcus; Gut microbiome; Host-pathogen interactions; Pathogen-microbiota interactions; Inflammatory Bowel DIsease; Colorectal cancer.
Jun (Jay) Zhu Genomics, Genetics, host-pathogen interaction, cell-cell signaling.