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The following labs are interested in virology:


Paul Bates Ebola, Virus entry, glycoproteins, viral assembly, SARS, retrovirus, gene therapy
Jeffrey Bergelson Virus entry, adenovirus, coxsackievirus, viral pathogenesis, virus receptor
Michael Betts HIV; T cell; Immune Response
Frederic Bushman HIV, integration, integrase, poxvirus, DNA modifying enzyme, virology, variola, RNA interference, interferon
Kyong-Mi Chang HCV, HBV, liver disease, HIV/HCV coinfection, alcohol, viral pathogenesis, viral persistence, immune regulation, T cell exhaustion, transplant tolerance, epitope mapping, immunogenetics
Sara Cherry Virus, genomics, RNAi, genetics, Drosophila, innate, immunity
Gary Cohen Herpes, HSV, virology, glycoproteins, virus entry
Ronald Collman HIV, virus, tropism, signal transduction, gp120, viral envelope, macrophage
Roselyn Eisenberg Herpes, HSV, virology, glycoproteins, virus entry
Laurence Eisenlohr Cell biology of MHC class I-restricted antigen processing and presentation, MHD class II-restricted antigen processing and presentation, "Cryptic" MHC Class I-Restricted Epitopes, Cancer immunotherapy and autoimmunity
Harvey Friedman HSV immune evasion, glycoprotein gC, glycoprotein gE, complement, pathogenesis
Glen Gaulton Lymphocyte Development, Retrovirus Pathology, HIV-1, Imaging, Diagnostics
Beatrice Hahn HIV-1 transmission, ape Plasmodium infections, SIVcpz infection of wild chimpanzee, HIV vaccine development
Ronald Harty Ebola virus; VSV; Matrix Proteins; Budding; Reverse-Genetics; Virus-Host Interactions.
Scott Hensley Influenza virus, antigenic drift, viral pathogenesis, viral receptors, antibody specificity, vaccines
James Hoxie AIDS, CD4, chemokine receptors, HIV, SIV, envelope glycoproteins, viral entry, neutralization, vaccine
Stuart Isaacs Vaccinia virus, Recombinant vaccines, poxvirus , pathogenesis, smallpox, smallpox therapeutics.
Kelly Jordan-Sciutto Cell Cycle, Oxidative Stress Response, Antioxidant Response, Neurodegeneration, Transcription, Primary Culture, HIV encephalitis, Alzheimer Disease, Parkinson disease, Retinoblastoma, E2F1
Rahul Kohli Our laboratory focuses on the enzymatic generation of genomic diversity. We utilize a broad array of approaches, including biochemical characterization of enzyme mechanisms, chemical synthesis of enzyme probes, and biological assays spanning immunology and virology to study this central tactic in the constant battle between our immune system and pathogens.
Dennis Kolson Neuron, hippocampus, apoptosis, gene expression, single-cell mRNA, HIV, chemokine receptor, NMDA receptor.
Paul Lieberman Viral latency, telomeres, chromatin, DNA replication, transcription regulation, herpesvirus.
Carolina Lopez Virus-host interaction, innate immunity, respiratory viruses, lung immunity.
Luis Montaner Innate Immunity & HIV-1 Infection: Dendritic cells & Natural Killer Cells Direct or indirect interactions of viral particles with innate and specific adaptive immunity effector cells affects the cross talk between antigen presenting cells (APCs), NK cells and the antigen specific T and B-lymphocytes, and may contribute to regulate HIV disease progression. Specifically, we are pursuing analysis of the effects of HIV infection in macrophages, dendritic cells and Natural Killer cells
Una O'Doherty HIV, latency, reservoirs, dendritic cells, viral pathogenesis, proviral integration, retrovirus, virology, T cell activation, resting T cells.
Yvonne Paterson Immune regulation, antigen design, vaccine development, cancer immunotherapy, HIV, HPV
Robert Ricciardi Our laboratory is interested in the mechanisms by which oncogenic proteins of human viruses exploit cellular functions and regulate gene expression to produce disease and cancer.
James Riley T cell activation, Tumor Specific T cells, HIV specific T cells, expression profiles.
Erle Robertson oncogenesis, viruses and cancer, viral oncology, Tumor Virology, Gene therapy, Kaposi's Sarcoma, Epstein-Barr Virus, Lymphoproliferative disease, Lymphomas.
George Shaw Molecular studies of HIV-1 transmission, persistence and pathogenesis, SIV transmission, persistence and pathogenesis, HCV transmission, persistence and pathogenesis
David Weiner DNA Vaccines, HIV, Viral Protein R., Vaccines.
Susan Weiss Murine coronavirus, SARS associated coronavirus, viral pathogenesis.
Drew Weissman HIV, Immunopathogenesis, RNAi, DMBT1, dendritic cell, siRNA, antigen presentation.
Matthew D. Weitzman Virology, Virus Replication, DNA Damage and Repair, Genome Instability, Viral Vectors
E. John Wherry Immunological memory, T cell memory, Chronic infection, T cell dysfunction, Memory T cell differentiation.
Elizabeth White Human Papillomavirus, tumor virus, cancer virology, transformation, innate immunity, HPV
James Wilson Adenovirus, adeno-associated virus (AAV), gene therapy, gene transfer, lentivirus.
Jianxin You DNA tumor viruses, Host targets, Persistent latent infection, Episome maintenance, Oncogenesis, Tumor virology, Gene therapy,
Yan Yuan Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus, virus-host interaction, microRNAs.