Welcome New Students

CAMB is very happy to welcome the incoming class of 2020-21!

The following information is provided as a platform for orientation and to facilitate your transition to graduate studies. Please check back occasionally, as updated information will be provided as we get closer to the start of the Fall 2020 semester.
If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact the CAMB office.

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Orientation Information

Please see the CAMB Orientation Schedule (last updated 8/21/20) for the complete list of orientation events and activities, as well as the start date for all 1st year PhD courses. A few more activities might be added between now and the start of the semester, so please check back occasionally. You will also be emailed with any updates.
Additionally, you should use the Orientation Virtual Meeting Links (last updated 8/26/20, you need a pennkey to access) in conjunction with the Orientation Schedule so that you know how to access each virtual event. If you have any questions or have trouble viewing the Orientation Virtual Meeting Links document, please email Christina Strathearn.

CAMB activities are also posted on our public calendar. Please visit and bookmark!

Faculty Research Talks

CAMB and the other graduate groups have put together a collection of faculty research talk videos so you can learn more about the breadth and depth of research at Penn and to help you identify rotation labs for this coming year. The best way to access this resource is to:

  1. Review the list of faculty and research topics in this list. You can download and sort the list by graduate group or search for specific topics, etc. Note that some faculty are accepting students for rotations in fall and/or spring. 
  2. Find the video you want to view by searching for a faculty member’s last name in the video archive. You need a pennkey and password to access the videos.

Please note that there are PIs who might not have gotten the chance to add a video, so you are encouraged to reach out to additional faculty as well during your search. Also, some videos still might trickle in between now and September 1st, so please check back occasionally. As a reminder, rotation selections must be approved by your program chair so be sure to follow your program's guidelines for selection and approval.

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Friday, July 3rd: Deadline for Financial Documents for incoming 1st year MD/PhD students
    (See BGS Financial Information for forms)
  • Wednesday, July 15th: Deadline for Financial Documents for incoming PhD students
    (See BGS Financial Information for forms)
  • Mid-Summer: The BGS Office will contact incoming PhD students with instructions on setting up their Penn email
  • Monday, August 3rd: BIOM 600 Workshop starts
  • Friday, August 7th: 1st Year MD/PhD Orientation Presentation
  • Monday, August 17th: Orientation Activities begin (BGS and CAMB)
  • Tuesday, September 1st: University Courses begin / CAMB Orientation Presentation

Resources for New Students