Industry-Sponsored Studies

Is your sponsor asking for a completed Site-Feasibility Questionnaire? 

If so, please visit the link below.

The link above leads you to a portal which is a centralized system for study teams to submit site feasibility questionnaires. It includes a redcap form to be completed which will help us to serve you better. Please fill out the form to the best of your knowledge. All required questions must be answered completely for us to review your request. If at any point, you are stuck or do not know the answer, please save your progress on the form and email us the questions. If your study requires a member of the Radiology team (Manager, Radiologist and/or Technical staff) complete or review the Site Qualification Survey, please complete the questions on the form.

*This link also has several downloadable forms with basic specifications for our various Radiology Research scanners.

Some things to consider when working with an Industry-Sponsored MRI Research Trial and CAMRIS:

Radiology Industry Sponsored Associated fees: 

Start-up fee: There is a fee in place to cover the upfront labor associated with starting up a trial within the department. This includes, but is not limited to: loading the imaging protocol, training, attending SIVs, etc…

The link above will reflect the current start-up cost for CAMRIS.

MRI Technologist Study Contact

If your sponsor is requesting the name of a specific MRI Technologist who will be handling the details of the Site-Feasibility Questionnaire or scans, please note that due to the number of requests we receive, we do not provide a specific name of an MRI technologist at this time. We ask that you please put the name of the UPENN-based study coordinator in the Site Questionnaire. The coordinator can contact CAMRIS directly with questions or status updates. Thank you. 

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