Apply to LAIF

If you are in need of scanning for your Category A or B research protocol during the COVID-19 Phase I time period, please review this Standard Operating Procedure document and contact CAMRIS with questions or for more information.  

LAIF SOP Phase I Reopening

LAIF Application
Required Documents
  1. IACUC Form A (Animal)
  2. IACUC Approval Letter (Animal)
  3. MR Imaging Protocol and/or Manual (Animal)
  4. Specimen Documents (if applicable)
Please find the rate of scanning at the following location: (also found in the left vertical menu)
Once completed, the documents will be reviewed and a member of LAIF will reach out to the study team to discuss the review.
Research MRI Screening for Animal Research Personnel
Please complete this form if you will be participating in MR imaging within the LAIF facilities.
Required Documents
  1. MRI Basic Safety Training Certificate
    1. Please access this training session through Knowledge Link
    2. Once logged in, please search for «MRI Basic Safety Training — RAD» in the box titled «Find Learning»
    3. Then complete the course and save the certificate
LAIF MRI Billing System
Please document all scanning time at the following link:

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