Do you have a Site Survey requesting specific information about our available MRI scanners?

If so, please see the link below which provides downloads of the available HUP scanners.
Be sure to fill out the questionnaire and someone within the CIC will contact you regarding your upcoming research MRI study needs.

Redcap link with downloads & Questionnaire:


More about The Cancer Imaging Core (CIC)

The Cancer Imaging Core (CIC) was established in 2010 as a joint effort between the Department of Radiology and the Abramson Cancer Center.  Its purpose is to serve as a centralized resource to support and facilitate advanced imaging techniques within clinical trials.   The CIC aims to

  • provide high quality consistent image acquisition processes and image analysis for cancer clinical trials involving imaging endpoints
  • assist with protocol development, submission and activation of cancer clinical trials that involve imaging modalities
  • provide scientific consultation to clinical investigators on the most appropriate cancer imaging methods to meet scientific needs
  • direct investigators to the appropriate choice of both standard and advanced imaging methodologies in ACC clinical investigation

The CIC is an umbrella organization covering the following specialized imaging cores, labs and translational programs:

  • CACTIS (Center for Advanced Computed Tomography Imaging Services)
  • CAMRIS (The Center of Advanced MRI & Spectroscopy)
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • IND (Investigational New Drug) Support Office
  • RECIST (TRAC) (Tumor Response Assessment Core)
  • RADCORE (Centralized group of Radiology Research Coordinators)

Altogether, this center is comprised of individuals of various skill sets: medical, technical, scientific, administrative and protocol writing. 

For more information about the CIC, please visit their website at:

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