Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Computational Approaches to the Neuroscience of Audition and Communication (CANAC)

Program Faculty

T32 Directors:

Yale Cohen (neural correlates of auditory percption and decision-making; biomedical devices)

Vijay Balasubramanian (computational and theoretical neuroscience)


Participating Faculty:

Danielle Bassett (computational and theoretical neuroscience; network science)

Jason Brant (translational auditory neuroscience; biomedical devices)

Delphine Dahan (linguistics; lexical representations)

Kostas Daniilidis (computer vision; robotics)

Steve Eliades (vocalization processing; biomedical devices)

Maria Geffen (auditory networks and circuits; neural coding; computational neuroscience)

Josh Gold (decision-making; computational neuroscience)

Murray Grossman (neural basis of language; advanced techniques in neuroimaging)

Roy Hamilton (neuroplasticity; neuromodulation; translational neuroscience)

Eleni Katifori (biophysics; computational neuroscience)

Konrad Koerding (computational and theoretical neuroscience; causality)

Mark Liberman (computational linguistics)

Brian Litt (computational neuroscience; biomedical devices)

Michael Platt (decision-making; neuroethology)

Tim Roberts (neural basis of and biomarkers for autism)

Michael Ruckenstein (neurotology)

Marc Schmidt (vocalization processing)

Alan Stocker (computational and theoretical neuroscience; visual perception)

Dan Swingley (developmental acquisition of language)

John Trueswell (neural representations of language and thought)

Lyle Ungar (machine learning)