About the CAVOQER Center





Peter Groeneveld, MD, MS

Nimesh Desai, MD, PhD    
Associate Director

Jay Giri, MD, MPH
Associate Director

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Cardiovascular Outcomes, Quality, and Evaluative Research (CAVOQER) is to determine what tests, treatments, technologies, structures, processes, organizations, incentives, and systems provide the best patient outcomes and optimal economic value in the “real world” of cardiovascular health care. The CAVOQER Center will focus on growing Penn’s research capacity and applied science in this vital area, with the ultimate goals of improving the health of cardiovascular patients at Penn Medicine as well as disseminating knowledge of best practices in cardiovascular medicine throughout the world.


  • To apply Cardiovascular outcomes research results to improve the outcomes and value of cardiovascular care in Penn Medicine’s Cardiovascular Service Line.
  • To increase the annual number of high-impact Cardiovascular outcomes research publications that are authored by Penn faculty.
  • To increase the quantity and diversity of external funds supporting Cardiovascular outcomes research at Penn Medicine.
  • To promote Penn’s Cardiovascular outcomes research findings outside the institution, with the twin goals of enabling Penn’s research findings to improve cardiovascular health care beyond the institution’s walls, and enhancing national and international recognition of Penn’s excellence in this area.
  • To recruit new faculty members with expertise in Cardiovascular outcomes research to Penn. 
  • To educate future investigators and leaders in Cardiovascular outcomes research, leveraging Penn’s outstanding research training capacity in health services and policy research.