Diffusion & Connectomics In Precision Healthcare Research (DiCIPHR)

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Job Opportunities

The DiCIPHR (Diffusion and Connectomics In Precision Healthcare Research) is always looking for motivated, committed individuals as postdoctoral researchers, graduate students and data analysts. We seek people with a strong diffusion and computational/mathematics/engineering background, and some exposure to / appreciation of neuroanatomy and fMRI. Eagerness to solve real-world clinical problems is a must.  You will be part of a fun group of postdocs, data analysts and students, working on various kinds of large clinical studies including (but not limited to) autism, traumatic brain injury, and brain tumors, with extensive interaction with clinicians. All positions require the ability to communicate well verbally. Good writing skills are a must. 

Immediate openings: Postdocs in  (1) Microstructural models for tumors and TBI  (clinical and pre-clinical) and (2) Multisite data harmonization and connectomics in Autism 

If interested, please contact Ragini Verma