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CBIR researchers Mindy Ezra and Laura Struzyna traveled to Atlanta to present at the Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS) Annual Meeting held from November 10-13, 2013. Dr. Ezra - a postdoctoral fellow in Doug Smith's Lab - presented a poster on "Development of Transplantable Tissue Engineered Nerve Grafts Consisting of Stretch-Grown Axons From Swine." Ms. Struzyna - a Bioengineering doctoral candidate in D. Kacy Cullen's Lab - had an oral presentation entitled "Tissue Engineered Grafts Accelerate Peripheral Nerve Repair By Direct Axon-Induced Axon Regeneration." Ms. Struzyna also had a poster presentation on "Restoring Brain Circuitry Using Micro-Tissue Engineered Neural Networks", which was selected as a Poster Award Finalist. Way to go Mindy and Laura!

Mindy Ezra, Ph.D. and Laura Struzyna B.S.E  pictured with Buzz, the mascot of Georgia Tech.

Image caption: Mindy Ezra, Ph.D., and Laura Struzyna, B.S.E., pictured with Buzz, the mascot of Georgia Tech (the host University for TERMIS 2013).

12th Annual University of Pennsylvania Biomedical Postdoctoral Research Symposium - November 4th, 2013

Photo of Mindy Ezra, PhD

Mindy Ezra, Ph.D. - Awarded the AUM LifeTech Science & Innovation Award for Best Oral Presentation.


Andrew Voyiadjis, Ph.D. - Presenting Poster

Andrew Voyiadjis, Ph.D. - Poster Presentation - Bioengineering Category

Alexandra Ulyanova, Ph.D. - Presenting Poster

Alexandra Ulyanova, Ph.D. - Poster Presentation - Neuroscience & Psychology Category



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This Beats a Coma Flier

Red Carpet Premiere of Head Games: June 7th, 2012

Head Games Invitation


Philadelphia Science Festival: April 15-28, 2011

PHL Science Fest Logo

The Center for Brain Injury and Repair is excited to participate in the first Philadelphia Science Festival! Stop by our booth on the Ben Franklin Parkway and learn more!

Organized by The Franklin Institute and involving more than 55 other partner organizations, the citywide Philadelphia Science Festival includes an extensive line-up of programs and exhibitions designed to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers and start conversations. The Dow Chemical Company, April 15-28, sponsors the inaugural Festival. It kicks off with a public outdoor carnival and continues for two weeks with dozens more events – most of them free! More information at

Philadelphia Science Festival Picture 1

Philadelphia Science Festival Picture 2

Philadelphia Science Festival Picture 3

Philadelphia Science Festival Picture 4

Philadelphia Science Festival Picture 5

Philadelphia Science Festival Picture 6

Science Festival Picture 7

Science Festival Picture 8

Second-Annual CURF-sponsored Penn Undergraduate Research Symposium - February 3, 2011

The following students in CBIR labs will present posters at the Symposium:

* Olivia Bernal (Watson Lab): "Design and construction of non-replicating viral genomes expressing neuroprotective genes for survival assays in primary neuronal cultures"
* Rachel Eisenstadt (Pascual Lab): "Repeated Administration of Immunemodulating Fluids for Resuscitation in Critical Illness caused by Sepsis—An Animal Study"
* TT Sitterly (Watson Lab)
* Mohona Paul (Watson Lab): "Axonal Repair Following Traumatic Brain Injury"

Mohona Paul
Mohona Paul

Olivia Bernal
Olivia Bernal

TT Sitterly
TT Sitterly

2010 Flyers - CBIR Fundraiser: March 25, 2010

Penn Center for Brain Injury and Repair hosted its 3rd Annual Brain Injury Awareness Night at the Wachovia Cente. Although the Flyers did not win the game against the Minnesota Wild, everyone had a great time!

Flyers 2010 CBIR tickets
Below: Boris Tsypenyuk, MSPT, winner of the penalty box seats during practice.



Pictures and info from the 2009 CBIR Fundraiser!

Pictures from the 2008 CBIR Fundraiser!