Click on the links below to listen to Dr. Perlis discuss the latest research on sleep and insomnia and for a Q&A on Behavioral Sleep Medicine:

Click on the first image below to watch Dr. Perlis' presentation, "What Determines How We Sleep?"


Click on the link below to learn about common "Myths about Insomnia" (courtesy of Stanford Health Care):

Click on the links below to view videos from these events:

BBC's Goodnight Britain Videos - Insomnia Set w/ Dr. Jay Ellis (original broadcast in 2013 on BBC1). Note: these videos require Quicktime player and may take a bit of time to download.

  1. Gwen's Bed of Thistles
  2. Gwen's First Few Days- can't do it
  3. Gwen's Success, p1
  4. Gwen's Success, p2

CSCN CME Video Current Topics in Sleep Medicine 

K24 Lecture Series


Password: LetsLearn36

Click on talk title & then “URL for viewing”

University of Washington

Sleep Disorders and Aging:

  1. Effective Treatment of Sleep Disorders in Older Adults
  2. Sleep and Dementia

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