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The UCLA Neurologic Rehabilitation and Research Unit (Bruce H. Dobkin, MD, Director)

At the UCLA Medical Center, the Stroke Service cares for about 150 patients a year with an acute stroke. The Medical Center’s 11-bed Neurologic Rehabilitation and Research Unit (NRRU) manages about 100 patients with stroke yearly for the 15-30 days of their inpatient rehabilitation. About 30 patients with SCI and 50 with TBI are admitted. Starting July 2005, the inpatient service will expand to house 56 beds in a freestanding rehabilitation unit near the campus. The Stroke Clinic evaluates about 200 new outpatients and the Neurologic Rehabilitation Clinic assesses about 150 new outpatients with stroke yearly. Dr. Dobkin serves as a co-director of the Stroke Center and the director of the Neurologic Rehabilitation Unit and has access to all of these patients. About two-thirds of these patients live within 20 miles of the Medical Center. The directors of the UCLA Stroke Center received an award from the National Stroke Association in 2001 for “unparalleled patient care and service to the community.” In addition, two of the Stroke Center directors, including Dr. Dobkin, serve on the medical board of the Southern California Stroke Association, a large support group affiliated with the American Stroke Association. These relationships offer a large source of subjects.

Brain Mapping Center

The world-renown Brain Mapping Center includes Drs. John Mazziotta, Susan Bookheimer, Marc Cohen, Arthur Toga, Nancy Sicotte, Marco Iacoboni, and Jeff Alger, computer and mathematics experts, technicians, and other faculty from multiple departments at UCLA. The faculty participates, along with Dr. Woods, in the RehabNet West imaging core for training investigators in the western U.S. in uses of functional neuroimaging for rehabilitation. They are key members of the ICBM Project, a NIH-funded program with international ties that aims to map normal and pathological anatomic and physiologic states. Few centers anywhere have resources and expertise to match the UCLA Brain Mapping Center as a focus for neurorehabilitation research. It will be an invaluable source of training and scientific collaboration for CENT and for the development of Rehabilitation Research Infrastructure in the US.

The Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (LONI)

LONI resides within the Department of Neurology at the UCLA School of Medicine. The facility, completely remodeled during the latter half of 1987, was designed and furnished for the acquisition, processing, and storage of brain image data from a variety of sources.


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