Penn Center for AIDS Research


Penn CFAR Annual Research Symposium

The Penn CFAR hosts an annual research symposium to highlight innovative HIV/AIDS research taking place in the Penn, CHOP, and Wistar community as well as in the scientific community at large.  The day ends with a poster session featuring HIV/AIDS research from students and post-graduates from around Philadelphia.

Stay tuned for details about the May 2019 CFAR Research Symposium, "Frontiers in HIV Prevention and Reservoirs"!

Frontiers in Medicine Course on HIV / AIDS

As part of the Perelman School of Medicine's highly innovative "Curriculum 2000™" program, the Penn CFAR sponsors a two-week elective course on AIDS offered to fourth-year medical students as part of the Curriculum's "Frontiers in Medicine" Program. This course has been designed for individuals who are soon to graduate and who have expressed an interest in obtaining an in-depth learning experience about HIV/AIDS. The CFAR Course provides integrated, comprehensive, and state-of-the-art information on clinical, basic, behavioral and epidemiological research issues in HIV/AIDS as well as on issues in other areas including those pertaining to economics, ethics, quality of life, and the role of pharmaceutical industry in the epidemic. Dr. Janet Hines, an Infectious Disease clinician with extensive experience in the HIV Clinical at HUP, designed this course with assistance from the CFAR's Administrative Core.

HIV/AIDS Research Mentoring

The Partnership/Mentorship program of the Developmental Core of the Penn CFAR is dedicated to providing short-term mentorship for applicants to the CFAR Developmental Core Pilot Awards Program. The program is designed to assist both faculty applicants and union non-faculty applying for Mentored Research Scholar Awards in launching a successful career as independent investigators in HIV-related research.

All individuals who receive funding are linked with a senior CFAR investigator carefully chosen by Drs. Tebas and Montaner. This partnership/mentorship complements traditional mentoring provided by the direct scientific supervisor of the applicant and lasts for 18 months, or until first NIH grant submission. Mentoring is also available and strongly encouraged for applicants whose pilot projects were not funded.

All partners/mentors are experienced CFAR faculty familiar with the CFAR of the University of Pennsylvania and the services available in its cores. They are recognized and mature scientists who are highly respected in both the local and international scientific community with clear records of accomplishment in research as well as in training graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Non-CFAR senior faculty may also be selected if their expertise supports the successful completion of the pilot project.

More info on the CFAR HIV/AIDS Research Mentoring Program can be found HERE.

Pilot Pre-Application Workshop and Pilot Feedback Talks

The Developmental Core also sponsors workshops for junior investigators and awardees. The Pilot Pre-Application Workshop helps new investigators familiarize themselves with the CFAR cores and services. Pilot Feedback Talks  provide a venue for junior investigators to prepare, rehearse, and present their scientific work for open feedback from their peers and more senior members of the CFAR community.

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