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Microgrant Program

CFAR Microgrant Awards

The Penn Center for AIDS Research is happy to announce a new funding mechanism available to junior faculty CFAR investigators (Instructor and Assistant Professor or equivalent) to obtain targeted data needed for resubmission of a scored grant, or other critical needs that will result in a stronger HIV research grant or related goals.  This should be limited to key essential resources for which no other support is available. These grants will be implemented in FY2019, and will be subject to rigorous evaluation and review by the Developmental and Administrative Cores.

Availability/Review criteria

  • CFAR Microgrants of up to $2,500 will be available on a rolling basis throughout the year. These one-time awards are intended to facilitate HIV/AIDS research by providing modest but essential resources that are not available from other sources. 
  • This new funding initiative will have a rolling 1-page submission and will be reviewed within approximately one week following submission by an internal CFAR committee. 
  • The Microgrant Program is designed to support new NIH grant applications that will increase the HIV/AIDS funded research base at the Penn Center for AIDS Research.

Microgrant Awards may be used for

  • Generating limited, key preliminary data for planned HIV/AIDS-related NIH grant applications (target RFA/FOA(s) required).
  • Funding to generate preliminary data to address a weakness in HIV/AIDS-related NIH K or R grants that received scores but were not funded (summary statement required).
  • Performance of specific experiments requested by manuscript reviewers.  Must be HIV/AIDS-related (manuscript review required).
  • Completion of required training to enhance a subsequent NIH application (detailed explanation required).
  • Other funding needs upon discussion with the Developmental Core.


  • Funds may be used for any HIV/AIDS research-related purpose.


•     Penn, CHOP or Wistar faculty members who are eligible to apply for NIH funding as a PI. Must be Early Stage Investigators at the Instructor and Assistant Professor-level (or equivalent), without previous R-level funding.


Recipients of CFAR Microgrant Awards

Fiscal Year Investigators Title of Project  
2024 Bogadi Loabile, PhD Post-abortion care in Botswana: The impact of HIV status on outcome  
2023 William Short, MD Knowledge, perception and practice of breastfeeding among women living with HIV in Philadelphia  
2021 Nicole Ferrante, MD Prevalence and Risk Factors for Hepatitis Delta Infection Among a Cohort of HIV/Hepatitis B coinfected Patients in the United States  

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