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Data Science and Research Opportunities with the Penn CFAR/PDPH Collaborative

On September 6th, 2019, the Penn CFAR held a workshop to highlight past collaborations between the CFAR and PDPH, share information about resources and key questions, and to provide an opportunity for attendees to discuss opportunities for new collaborations. Video of the workshop will soon be available on this page.

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH) is now a formal partner in the Penn Center for AIDS Research (CFAR), with the goal of catalyzing research collaborations. The PDPH has a wealth of surveillance and programmatic data that supports research on HIV, HCV and the opioid epidemic. This includes interesting epidemiological and methodological research, and important questions that can inform policy. There are opportunities for both faculty and students to analyze data, be involved in research on HIV-related topics at the PDPH, or initiate collaborations on questions of mutual interest.  To facilitate this, we have a shared biostatistician positioned part-time within PDPH to help with this research.


8:00 AM:   Breakfast 

8:30 AM:   Pamela Shaw, PhD 

                  Associate Professor of Biostatistics 

                  University of Pennsylvania 


8:45 AM:   Kathleen Brady 

                  Medical Director/Medical Epidemiologist

                  AIDS Activities Coordinating Office 

                  Philadelphia Department of Public Health

                  Critical Questions & Research Needs to Tackle the Philadelphia HIV Epidemic and 

                  PDPH Data Overview 

9:30 AM:    CFAR/PDPH Collaborative Presentations 

                  Florence Momplaisir, MD, MSHP, FACP 

                  Assistant Professor of Medicine 

                  University of Pennsylvania 

               Uses of HIV surveillance data to measure perinatal HIV outcomes 


                  Sarah Wood, MD, MSHP 

                  Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

                  Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia 

                  What's the Big Picture?: Using Multi-Centered STI Surveillance Data to

                  Improve Adolescent and Young Adult Health Outcomes 


                  Evan Anderson, JD, PhD 

                  Senior Fellow, School of Nursing 

                  University of Pennsylvania 

                  Risk Reduction along the Sequential Intercept Model: Arrests and Court 

                  Contacts Preceding Fatal Overdose 


10:30 AM:  Break 

10:45 AM:  Kathleen Brady 

                  Medical Director/Medical Epidemiologist AIDS Activities Coordinating Office Philadelphia Department         

                  of Public Health 

                  What You Need to Know About Collaborating with the PDPH 


11:00 AM:  CFAR/PDPH Collaborative Presentations Part II 


                  Dennis Culhane, PhD 


                  Dana and Andrew Stone Chair in Social Policy 

                  University of Pennsylvania 

                  Collaborative Research with the City of Philadelphia: Building Relationships and Leveraging      

                  Administrative Data 


                  Ian Frank, MD 

                  Professor of Medicine 

                  University of Pennsylvania 

                  Tracking HIV Transmission Networks in Philadelphia 


                  Grace Choi, MS 


                  University of Pennsylvania 

                  Put it Out! Smoking Rates Among Persons Living with HIV in Philadelphia 


12:00 PM: Question and Answer Networking 


Questions? Contact Kathleen Brady, MD

Medical Director/Medical Epidemiologist
AIDS Activities Coordinating Office
Philadelphia Department of Public Health

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