Penn Center for AIDS Research

NIH Supplement Awards

Recipients of Supplement Awards in HIV/AIDS

Fiscal Year Investigators Title of Project Supplement Topic  
2021 Sarah Bachman, PhD Team Implementation Research: Evaluation and Optimization of the Philadelphia MCM Model NIH Ending the HIV Epidemic Supplement:  Team Initiated Implementation Research  
2021 Laura Vella, MD, PhD Enriched single cell multi-omic profiling to identify the phenotype of HIV-infected cells in tissue NIH Administrative Supplement:  Understanding HIV Reservoir Establishment, Maintenance, Control & Clearance  
2021 Dovie Watson, MD, MSCE Perspectives in HIV biomedical prevention among racially/ethnically diverse transgender and gender diverse adults in the United States NIH Administrative Supplement:  Uptake & retention for long-acting HIV prevention and treatment  
2021 Sarah Wood, MD, MSHP Rapid STI Screening for Engagement of High-Risk Adolescents in HIV Prevention Research NIH Administrative Supplement:  Equipment for CFAR Cores  
2020 David Metzger, PhD   Expanding Mobile Research Capacity NIH Administrative Supplement:  Equipment for CFAR Cores  
2020    José Bauermeister, MPH, PhD  System -level intervention to optimize HIV testing & PrEP delivery among young sexual and gender minorities in Philadelphia NIH Supplement - Ending the HIV Epidemic: Prevent Pillar -n 2-Year FY2020 EHE Implementation Science Supplement Opportunity  
2020 Rinad Beidas, PhD Implementation mapping to increase the use of evidence-based interventions in the HIV continuum of care NIH Supplement - Ending the HIV Epidemic:  Treat Pillar - EHE Team-initiated Implementation Research  
2020 Graciela Gonzalez-Hernandez, PhD Social Media Mining for Tailored PrEP Intervention NIH Supplement - Ending the HIV Epidemic:  Prevent Pillar - Evaluating and Developing Data-Driven Messages and Communication Strategies for EHE  
2020 David Metzger, PhD Inter-CFAR National CFAR CAB Coalition Annual Meeting NIH Supplement:  Inter-CFAR Meeting  
2020 Golnaz Vahedi, PhD Application of innovative technologies, such as single-cell analysis approaches and intracellular, intravital, or whole-body imaging, to better understand factors that impact HIV persistence and clearance NIH Supplement:  Overcoming Barriers to HIV Reservoir Clearance  

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