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Program Description

The Certificate in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety is designed to provide individuals with a broad introduction and practical skills related to the field, with the goal of training healthcare professionals that are proficient and

capable of leading quality and safety efforts in their area of clinical interest.

Through a four-course sequence that includes a mentored capstone QI project, students will gain a foundation in the history, methods, tools, and applications of quality improvement and patient safety in healthcare.

The specific objectives of this program are to prepare physicians for future roles as quality and safety practitioners and leaders in their healthcare delivery system by:

1) Training them in the principles and practice of quality improvement and patient safety
2) Developing their skills as effective leaders of interprofessional healthcare improvement teams
3) Embedding them as active participants in the quality improvement infrastructure of their division and/or department,
4) Providing them with a quality improvement project mentor

During the time period of the certificate program, participants will:

1) Develop and lead a capstone QI project within their area of clinical interest
2) Complete three masters level courses in this field at the University of Pennsylvania*
3) Participate longitudinally in a QI meeting within their division or department
4) Have the option to participate in additional educational offerings related to QI and patient safety at Penn or CHOP

*see certificate course offerings

Who is eligible to apply?
The certificate is offered to faculty within the Perelman School of Medicine, post-graduate fellows within graduate medical education training programs at Penn and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and other health care professionals within the Penn community that seek knowledge and skills in quality improvement and patient safety, but not the time commitment of a masters program. How to Apply





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