CHPS Resources (Alphanumeric)

  • CHPS Neurobehavioral Core
  • CHPS
  • Nursing Core
  • Presbyterian Hospital
  • CHPS Nutrition Core

CHPS Resources are extensive. Please use our CHPS Facilitator as a point of entry.

  • CHPS Facilitator
    The single point of contact for all clinical and basic science research related questions for study start-up, study conduct, and throughout the duration of a project
  • Behavioral Neuroscience Core
    Provides infrastructure to both support and promote behaviorally oriented research (Pediatric only)
  • Cardiovascular Phenotyping Unit
    Cardiovascular Phenotyping Core services include cardiovascular ultrasound, stress echocardiography, tests of arterial structure/function, cardiovascular phenotyping during exercise, and mitochondrial function testing .
  • Exercise Medicine Unit
    Designed to provide structured exercise training interventions, exercise testing, and other related core services; staffed by a full-time exercise trainer (Adults Only).
  • Informatics Services
    Resource to investigators in designing and developing a cohesive data management plan and/or database
  • Investigational Drug Service
    Prepares investigational agents for human use
  • Nutrition Core
    Consisting of the Nutrition Assessment Unit and the Dietary Assessment Unit: A broad range of nutrition-related research services for investigators
  • Office of Clinical Research
    Office designed to provide infrastructural and logistical support to investigators conducting translational and clinical research within the framework of the CTSA
  • Ophthalmology Core
    Provides clinical and translations research services in ophthalmology for assessment of visual function and structure
  • Research Nurse Core (RNC)
    Support for inpatient and outpatient clinical research by nurses with extensive experience
  • Sleep Research Core
    With designated sleep beds and technical staff
  • Study Design and Biostatics (SDAB)
    Provides planning and analytic services, which include study design, sample size estimation, analysis planning, as well as production of statistical reports and graphical displays
  • Ultrasound Research Laboratory
    The Department of Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania houses a state-of-the-art Ultra Sound Research Laboratory for conducting clinical and pre-clinical research. These resources are available to investigators for clinical research at the University of Pennsylvania.