Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Chronobiology Program


October 25, 2018. Takao Hensch, Ph.D. "Balancing Brain Plasticity/Stability" Click here for the flyer.

Save the dates! Click here for a list of speakers and dates for the Fall 2018 CSCN-Penn Chronobiology joint Seminar Series

Past Seminars

October 4, 2018. Viviana Gradinaru, PhD. "Understanding and influencing whole animal physiology and behavior with engineered gene delivery vectors, tissue clearing, and optogenetics" Click here for the flyer.

June 26, 2018. Laurent Seugnet, Ph.D. "Glial Cells, Metabolism, Small Molecule Transport and Vulnerability to Sleep/Wake Disruption: Insights from Drosophila" Click here for the flyer.

June 28, 2018 Deborah Bell-Pederson, Ph.D. "Circadian Clock Control of mRNA Translation" Click here for the flyer.

May 17, 2018. John O'Neill, Ph.D. "Insulin/IGF-1 Stimulates PERIOD Protein Synthesis to Communicate Feeding Time to the Circadian Clock in Mammalian Cells" Click here for the flyer.

April 11, 2018. William Ja, Ph.D. "Drosophila ABCs: Aging, Behavior & ‘Crobes" Click here for the flyer.

April 12, 2018. Marcos Frank, Ph.D. "Cortical Plasticity in Sleep: More than a Dream" Click here for the flyer.

March 29, 2018. Kenneth Wright Jr., Ph.D. "Mechanisms Underlying Health Consequences of Sleep and Circadian Disruption in Humans" Click here for the flyer.

March 2, 2018. Paul Taghert, Ph.D. "How the Brain Encodes Time" Click here for the flyer.

Feb 21, 2018. Professor Till Roenneberg "The Human Sleep Project: Sleep & Wake in the Context of the Clock, Light, and the Real World" Click here for the flyer.

Oct 27, 2017. Mary Harrington, Ph.D. "Neurobiology of Fatigue"

Sept 8, 2017. Jeffrey Donlea, Ph.D. "An excitability switch controls sleep homeostasis in Drosophila"

May 18, 2017. Mimi Shirasu-Hiza, Ph.D. "Off the Clock: Circadian-Regulated Physiologies in the Context of Disease" Click here for the flyer.

April 13, 2017. Frank Scheer, Ph.D. "Mechanisms Underlying Adverse Health Consequences of Shift Work" Click here for the flyer.

March 30, 2017. Carl Johnson, Ph.D. "As Time Glows by: Circadian Clocks from Molecules to Populations" Click here for the flyer.

March 9, 2017. Carla Finkielstein, Ph.D. "Connecting The Dots: The Rise of Non-Clock Core Components in Circadian Signaling" Click here for the flyer.

February 21, 2017. Horacio de la Iglesia, Ph.D., "Take a Walk on the Wild Side of Sleep" Click here for the flyer.

February 6, 2017. Carrie Partch, Ph.D., "Dissecting the Molecular Basis of Circadian Timekeeping" Click here for the flyer.

January 27, 2017. Giles Duffield, Ph.D., "A role for Inhibitor of DNA Binding Genes in Circadian Timing" Click here for the flyer.

May 11, 2016. Penn Sleep Medicine and Penn Chronobiology Program Research Retreat. Click here for the flyer.

March 30, 2016. Paul Sternberg, Ph.D., "Sleep in nematodes and jellyfish". SCTR 11-146, 12-1PM.

March 24, 2016. Stacey Harmer, Ph.D., "Interactions Between Circadian and Photoreceptor Signaling Networks to Produce Complex Behaviors”. SCTR 11-146, 12-1PM.

March 3, 2016. Pankaj Kapahi, Ph.D., "Investigating the role of nutrients in modulating aging and age-related diseases using invertebrate models". SCTR 12-146, 11:30 AM-12:30PM.

January 26, 2016. Chronobiology recruitment seminar. SCTR 11-146, 9:30AM-12:30PM.

January 21, 2016. Joanna Chiu, Ph.D., "Interplay between posttranslational modifications regulates animal circadian clocks". SCTR 11-146, 12-1PM.

January 5, 2016. Christelle Anaclet, Ph.D., "The sleep-promoting parafacial zone: discovery and future directions". SCTR 10-146, 4-5PM.

January 5, 2016. Matthieu Flourakis, Ph.D., "Circadian Control of Cellular Excitability". SCTR 10-146, 3-4PM.

December 1, 2015. Todd Holmes, Ph.D., "Collaboration between the inner eye and the outer eyes: Cryptochrome and opsin-based photoreceptors". SCTR 11-146, 4-5PM.

November 11, 2015. Chronobiology Symposium. Click here for the agenda. Click here for direction to Law Auditorium, Jordan Medical Education Center.

August 26, 2015. Martha Merrow, Ph.D.,"Taking their temperature: how temperature regulates circadian and developmental clocks". SCTR 10-146, 4-5PM.

June 28--July 3, 2015. Chronobiology Gordon Research Conference. Click here for details.

June 18, 2015. Samer Hattar, Ph.D.,  "Atypical photoreceptors control circadian rhytms, sleep, mood and vision". SCTR 11-146, 4-5PM. Click here for details.

June 17, 2015. Center for Sleep & Circadian Neurobiology and the Penn Chronobiology Program 2nd Annual Collaborative Research Retreat. Click here for details.

May 14, 2015. Paul Hardin, Ph.D., "Circadian clock activation during pacemaker neuron development in Drosophila". Class of '62 John Morgan Bldg. 12-1PM. Click here for details.

May 11, 2015. Katja Lamia, Ph.D., " Cryptochromes integrate circadian rhythms with metabolism and genome protection". SCTR 8-146. 4-5PM. Click here for details.

April 22, 2015. Julie Carrier, Ph.D., "Brain mechanisms underlying age-related modifications of the sleep-wake cycle".  SCTR 8-146, 12-1PM. Click here for the flyer.

April 7, 2015. Satchidananda Panda, Ph.D., "Eating Pattern Shapes Health and Disease Across Species". SCTR 12-146, 4PM.  Click here for the flyer.

April 2, 2015. Gina R. Poe, Ph.D., "Sleep to Change Your Mind". John Morgan Building, Class of '62 Auditorium, 12-1PM. Click here for the flyer.

March 26, 2015. William Joiner, Ph.D., "Synaptic Changes and Neuronal Circuitry Involved in Sleep Drive in Drosophila".  SCTR 10-146, 12-1PM. Click here for the flyer.

November 18, 2014. Biomedical Posdoc Research Symposium. Keynote speaker: Michael Young, Ph.D.

November 3, 2014. Genetics Symposium. Keynote speaker: Joseph Takahashi, Ph.D., "Genetic Analysis of Circadian and Complex Behavior".

June 23, 2014. Penn Sleep Center and Chronobiology Program Joint Retreat. Keynote speaker: Michael Rosbash, Ph.D. Click here for details.

March 26, 2014. Matthew Kayser, M.D, Ph.D., "A critical period of sleep required for development of courtship circuitry and behaviors in Drosophila". Click here for details.

February 24, 2014. Seung-Hee "Sally" Yoo, Ph.D., Faculty recruitment chalk talk. SCTR 9-100, 12PM

December 19, 2013. Recruitment Talks for Faculty Candidates in Chronobiology. Click here for details.

November 15, 2013. New York Area Clock Meeting--On Tour. Click here for details.