Program Philosophy

It is the philosophy of the training staff that the predoctoral internship should encourage a more deeply and clearly articulated clinical and theoretical viewpoint. This should be accomplished while simultaneously preparing interns for work in a diversity of clinical settings and with a variety of patient populations. This internship program is in the midst of a significant period of transition that includes a shift in theoretical orientation that will begin with the 2021-2022 internship class.  Since its beginnings at Pennsylvania Hospital, the program has had a rich history of dynamic/analytic training.  The program is relocating to the Department of Psychiatry at the main UPenn campus and is becoming more integrated with the existing training programs of the department, which are primarily cognitive behavioral in orientation.  As such, the psychology internship program will become more CBT-oriented but with the goal of retaining opportunities to receive training in dynamic or other theoretical orientations. 

Our program offers seminars in both CBT and dynamic psychology, case conferences, and supervision from clinicians with a range of orientations. These experiences are offered in conjunction with other topics in diagnostics, biological psychiatry, community mental health, CBT, and marital treatment. Recognizing that our interns must be prepared for work in a wide range of clinical settings, our interns will have rotations in a range of settings with flexibility to select rotations based on the individual's training goals during the internship year.  


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