Antibody Labeling Services

The Penn CNSC is excited to offer Antibody Labeling Services, a Site-Specific conjugations for increased Antibody Binding Performance.

Why Site-Specific?oYo-Link specific label graphic

Site-specific labeling ensures uniform labeling of up to 2 labels per Antibody on the heavy chain.

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Oligos / Click-Chemistry / Nanoparticles / Biotin / ELISA Plates... and more offered.

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The core is now offering site-specific antibody conjugation services. The benefits of site-specifically labeled antibodies are enabled by the oYo-Link antibody labeling technology, developed by AlphaThera.

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Site-Specific Conjugation Services for...

single bioton
Up to 10x increase in Sensitivity. For Direct and Sandwich ELISAs.
Copper-free click chemistry, for simpler antibody labeling at your convenience.
VcMMAE ADC rapid screening
Rapid ADC Screening
Improve throughput and enhance cell-killing assay performance.

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The Next-Gen of Antibody Labeling

Non Site-Specific (Traditional)

non site-specific antibody labeling
Non Site-Specific Labeling
heterogeneous surface immobilization
Heterogeneous surface immobilization

Site-Specific (oYo-Link™)

site-specific labeling
Site-Specific Labeling
Homogeneous surface immobilization
Homogeneous surface immobilization​​




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