Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Clinical Neuroscience Training Program

CNST Certificate Program

The CNST has a Certificate Program within the Perelman School of Medicine. Students must complete all of the following CNST activities to earn this Certificate within the standard four year curriculum. 

  • Attending the required number of CNST biweekly seminars during MSI-MSIV
  • Completion of a qualifying summer research project in a clinical neuroscience area between MSI and MSII
  • Presentation of research findings at a qualifying local, regional or national scientific meeting
  • Completion of two Clinical Neuroscience electives
  • Completion of a clinical neuroscience related scholarly pursuit project in MSIII-MSIV
  • Attendance at 20 Lectures is required to qualify for a CNST Certificate.

CNST Certificate Recipients

Mark Attiah
Westly Phillips

Stephanie Davidson
Joaquin deRojas
Daniel Larach
Jamie Podell
Kathryn Zagrabbe

Dina Diskina
Emily Evans
Ernest Gomez
Katherine Hamilton
Peter Madsen

Tamara Bockow
Ryan Borek
Emma Davies
Stephen Johnson
George Scangas
Albert Tsai

William Alonso
Kate Brizzi
Ephraim Church
Jared Pisapia

Brandon Gabel
Aaron Paul
Megan Richie
Cynthia Wu

Hugo Aparicio
Lori Kestenbaum

Esther Bisker
Mesha-Gay Brown
Kim Kinder
Sade Udoetuk