Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

CorLab | Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging Lab

Cardiovascular MRI Pulse Sequences, Image Reconstruction and Data Analysis

If you’re interested in cardiovascular MRI, we can help you and provide expertise in pulse sequence design, protocols, image reconstruction and data analysis.

  • Cine MRI and real-time cine MRI
  • Tissue characterization (T1 mapping, extracellular volume mapping, MOLLI pulse sequence)
  • Modified Look-Locker (MOLLI pulse sequence)
  • Relaxation time mapping / tissue characterization (T1rho, T2, T2* pulse sequences)
  • Myocardial strain imaging (DENSE, SPAMM pulse sequences)
  • First-pass perfusion
  • Ex vivo cardiovascular diffusion MRI
  • Flow quantification (4D Flow, phase-contrast MRI pulse sequences)

For Penn collaborators, please contact Dr. Witschey ( for more information about how to add cardiovascular MRI to your research.

For external collaborators, if you’re interested to use our sequences (i.e. cardiovascular T1rho or real-time MRI), please also contact Dr. Witschey ( to arrange a material transfer agreement between Penn and your institution.