High-Throughput Screening Core

Core Description: The High-throughput Screening (HTS) core provides the Perelman School of Medicine community with professional HTS screening services to identify genes or organic small molecule modulators of signaling pathways, cellular phenotypes, and protein function in models of human disease.  Core staff will educate and assist scientists with HTS assay development, optimization, miniaturization, and validation; maintain libraries of siRNA, shRNA, cDNA, and FDA approved/FDA-like organic small molecule libraries for HTS; and provide robotics infrastructure and technically trained staff for HTS, including small screens of user defined libraries. The High-throughput Screening core also provides direct assistance with preparation of grant applications by drafting experimental designs approaches and providing Letters of Support, offering HTS resources and analysis expertise for the proposed research.

Services Include:

  • HTS assay development consultation
  • Automated laboratory robotics and usage training
  • Small scale screens of user defined libraries (e.g. kinome)
  • Large scale screens (e.g. whole genome, diversity sets) 
  • HTS Data analysis and data management 
  • HTS reagents (i.e. transfection reagents, micro-titer plates, tips)
  • Chemical screening (FDA, FDA-likes, synergy, etc) 
  • Genetic screening (siRNAs, shRNAs, cDNAs) 
  • Grant support

Contact Us

Scientific Director:
Sara Cherry, Ph. D.

Technical Director:
David C. Schultz, Ph.D.